Bermudans, callable swaps. 1. Introduction. This is part of three related papers: Evaluating and hedging exotic swap instruments via LGM explains the theory. Analytic LGM swaption engine for european exercise. More #include Hagan, Evaluating and hedging exotic swap instruments via LGM. Lichters, Stamm. The evaluation of sensitivities in the Hull White model with respect to changes Evaluating and Hedging Exotic Swap Instruments via LGM.

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I coming back to them at the end of this article. At least it is not flat but a skew.

QuantExt: AnalyticLgmSwaptionEngine Class Reference

This is more to prove that some numerical procedure worked for you here. The notionals evaluatlng slightly below as eevaluating as the maturities and strikes not exactly matching the bermudan swaption case. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Ok, what does the Markov model spit out: In this procedure, we also need quatities evakuating refer to the standard floating leg index such as 3mUS-DLibor and market default parameters for fixed legs opposite these floating legs in single currency swaps.

Calculate discount factors for each coupon date 2. The option price, accordingly, is around basispoints lower compared to the Gsr model. The adapted basket can be retrieved by. Skip to content This is going to be a guided tour through some example code I wrote to illustrate the usage of the Markov Functional and Gsr a.

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Of course there evalkating a reason that we use a NonstandardSwap instead of a VanillaSwap. In this procedure we develop a set of swaption which have common pay dates The adjuster values needed to match the reference prices from the replication pricer are not too far from one, which is good, because it means that the model is not bent too much in order to produce the CMS coupon prices.

Procedure for Pricing Bermudans and Callable Swaps

The underlying is a standard vanilla spot starting swap with fixed rate against Euribor 6M. Hull White model implementations.

Here we break up the methodology for evaluating callable swapsKey words. Swaption volatilities are chosen flat as well. They do not hurt, but do not specifically represent the call rights, so just add some more market information to the model. A naively calibrated Gsr model yields. The last parameter denotes the discounting curve ebaluating should be used for the swaption valuation. The reversion speed is as well.

London – Patrick Hagan on interest rate modelling for the new era

Correct the kink by adding 6. The calibration basket becomes:.


Published on Oct View Download What do we see here: Now we can say. Call the calibration routineStep 5.

We set up a second engine for our instrument we want to price. MaturityStrikeByDeltaGamma ; with the parameter MaturityStrikeByDeltaGamma indicating that the market swaptions for calibration are chosen from the set of all possible market swaptions defined by the swapBaseremember?

It is not that different from the Gsr model construction. Date refDate 30, April, ; Settings:: So one should be careful, how far one wants to go with this trick. Enough for today, look instrumenta the example and play around with the code. To make the numbers a bit nicer I changed the original example code to include a basispoint margin on the Euribor leg.

Calibration flags and variables. There are only two inputs required: I will omit the code to set up the quotes and termstructures here. I do not reproduce the whole code here, just the main points of interest. The delta-gamma calibration basket now looks as follows.