Get in-depth information on EVVA E Mechanical digital lock including detailed technical specifications. Besides, view the entire catalog of EVVA E . Get in-depth information on EVVA FPS locking system Mechanical digital lock including detailed technical specifications. Besides, view the entire catalog of. Die EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH verwendet Cookies auf dieser Website, um Ihr Nutzungserlebnis zu verbessern. Durch Anklicken von Links auf dieser.

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Alongside tradition, research and development are key focus areas. This means thinking beyond a basic intrusion system and specifying a comprehensive solution that integrates smart features like access control, video management and intelligent video analytics. Powerful video surveillance protects Red Bull Racing Download. External perimeter detection with Pyronix. Essential Video Analytics is ideal for small and medium-sized commercial buildings and can be used for advanced intrusion detection, such as loitering alarms, and identifying a person or object entering a pre-defined field.

Customised intrusion systems What about people who need to access your building outside of working hours, like cleaning crews?

EVVA E7020 mortise lock

List your event for free. EVVA K90000 mortise lock. Smart analytics have been developed in two formats. US Edition International Edition. Flexibility is another Aperio asset: Be it for sensitive areas, such as pharmaceuticals cabinets, display cases with valuable contents at jewellers’ or even lockers in sports facilities, letterboxes in residential developments or distributor cabinets — electronic cam locks are the ideal addition to a Xesar or AirKey access control system.

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Access can be restricted to enable entry only during working hours, for example. The software that manages access makes it smart.


Large multi-national companies often need access to video surveillance systems k90000 numerous sites, which is why BVMS Professional allows you to access live and archived video from over 10, sites across multiple time zones from a single BVMS server. What solutions are there to preve K90000 your access control as effective as you think? And, just as with all smart locks, they can do it without requiring any screwing into walls or wiring.

It is fully integrated and can be scaled according to your specific requirements.

Using an app improves access control by updating access rights in real time with the Bluetooth key Finding applications to create solutions In many cases, companies themselves find new applications for the solution, such as the need to obtain access using two different keys simultaneously to prevent a lone worker from accessing a dangerous area. Today, more and more video security cameras are increasingly connected to the internet and transitioning into intelligent sensors that collect significantly more data than video security images alone.

Exit controllers are primarily used in schools, nurseries, hospitals and public buildings. How can the physical security market promote better employee retention? The latest software features and the virtual network will be on show. They link mechanical and electronic locking components within a system. It can be used from a web-based access manager or through personalised software that is integrated within a company’s existing software solution, to automatically include information, such as the employee’s contractual status, occupational risk prevention and the existence of work orders.

Offering potential guests the security and convenience of smart locks, smart thermostats, doorbell cameras, and connected lighting can be the difference maker in closing that rental deal. Information is power, and apartment dwellers can become much more powerful with smart locks. Aperio wireless access control secures student accommodation at the University of East Anglia.


Here the thumb turn is blocked when the cam lock is disengaged. Electronic padlock for Xesar and AirKey: Products selected for compare.

In effect, each video camera in your network becomes smart to the degree that it can understand and interpret what it is seeing. Protecting holiday homes These home automation devices can even allow rental property owners to charge a bit more for rent The vacation rental market can be highly competitive, especially in the most desirable vacation destinations.

Go to content Go to footer. However, excessive employee turnover can be expensive for employers, who are looking for ways to keep their brightest and best employees happily toiling away as long as poss Securing student accommodation for the next generation Download.

It can be integrated into any AirKey and Xesar system. Compliant with GDPR They are easy to install and even easier to manage in the software as they are integrated just like all other electronic components. Sven Berlage pushed forward the expansion of the subsidiaries, as well as export and international positioning of the company. Contact We are here for you Mon – Thu: Use the contact form or directly write to us at export evva.