Then, Israeli Air Force jets launch retaliatory air strikes in Syria. An FI is hit and crashes in northern Israel. Two pilots eject, one is seriously. The IAF FI Sufa is the Israeli Air Force version of a Block 52+ F Fighting Falcon multi-role jet warplane. Combat Aircraft F Fighting Falcon FI Soufa. Also Known As: Block 52+ F- 16D and Sufa Origin: United States of America Corporations: Lockheed Martin.

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FI Sufa (Storm)

In after the Rafale order was cut back to just 36 aircraft Lockheed was offering India the exclusive opportunity to produce, operate and export F Block 70 aircraft. First revealed at the Farnborough Air Show on 25 Julyit has yet to find a customer. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Archived from the original on 21 October This FX “Falcon ” featured a delta wing based on that of the F, together with a fuselage stretch to accommodate the new wing.

On top of the goggles which FI pilots and navigators wear is displayed various aircraft information such as height, speed and weapon systems data.

The original plans called for the production of kits for Belgium, 63 for Denmark, for the Netherlands, 57 for Norway, and for the USAFhowever, final orders amounted to only kits 72 for Belgium, 61 for Denmark, for the Netherlands, and sufaa for Norway. The CCV YF design featured twin pivoting ventral fins mounted vertically underneath the air intake, and its triply redundant fly-by-wire FBW flight control system FCS was modified to permit use of flaperons on the wings’ trailing edges which would act in combination with an all-moving stabilator.

Preliminary design studies began inand the Indigenous Defense Fighter IDF program was launched two years later. There were development problems ff-16i the F, due to the fact that the aircraft is a new and unique configuration that included Israeli systems, such as electronic-warfare EW gear and displays, that were a challenge to integrate.


CFTs can be used for both air-to-ground and air-to-air missions.


A thorough check that included all Sufa airplanes has discovered that only in seven planes the level of formaldehyde was higher than the international standard. The first FCJ serial number was delivered on 7 May With such assistance, a design was finalized in VF also had a unique blue example.

The F Falcon Century program, a survey and evaluation of new technologies and new capabilities that began inwas also relied upon to identify new concepts for integration onto the F through the MSIP derivative development effort.

Subsequent wind tunnel testing led to the current external lines, which were initially validated in flight testing of high angle-of-attack handling characteristics at Edwards AFB, CA. The F16I Sufa airplanes are returning today to active flying after it was proved that risk to the air crew members is extremely low.

In addition, a sample of all kinds of airplanes was checked and no similar problem was discovered. This work is free and may be used by anyone for any purpose. The IDF design is by no means a copy of the F, but it was clearly influenced by the F, such as the layout of control surfaces, yet it also features design elements from the F-5, like its twin-engine configuration.

Litening is a combat-proven multi-spectral airborne targeting and navigation pod. It was discovered that the Block 1 aircraft’s black nose cone became an obvious visual identification cue at long range, so the color of the nose cone was changed to the low-visibility grey for Block 5 aircraft. This arrangement allows the CFTs to be relatively light weight, since nothing is suspended from them. Ground Collision Avoidance System”. The first aircraft were delivered to Hellenic Air Force in May and they are flying with the Squadron ” Tiger ” in Araxos air base.

Block 15 is the most numerous variant of the F, with produced.

The baseline F has a combat radius of nm 1, km with two 2,lb bombs and two AIM-9, with 1, US gal external tanks. Lockheed Unveils F Viper Variant”. The vibration from the gun when firing proved f–16i severe as to make both aiming and flying the aircraft difficult, and trials were suspended after two days.


FE single seat and FF two seat. Calspana subcontractor to GD, fitted a Block 30 FD belonging to Wright Labs with a center stick in addition to the sidestick controllera new computer, and a digital flight control system that allowed it to imitate, to a degree, the performance of other aircraft. According to press reports quoted by Flight Internationalthis is “the first time the US has sold a better aircraft [F] overseas than its own forces aufa.

The Python 5 boasts a new seeker less prone to countermeasures, lock-after-launch capabilities, and an extended operational engagement time once fired. A second award on ssufa May covered production Lot 2, comprising a further 23 QFs. One published reports states that sjfa external fuel tanks above the central fuselage, extend the range of the jet and the reach of the Israeli air force by 25 percent. Development of new software and hardware modifications continues under the MLU program.

In Maya follow-on order was placed for 60 Block 40 Fs, plus an option for 15 more. There are conflicting reports concerning the FI combat radius, but the most reliable source reports a combat radius of 2, km, on par with the FI.

Most Navy FN aircraft were painted in a three-tone blue-gray “ghost” scheme. Air Force experimented with a series of centerline recce pod designs, beginning with a prototype pod, the Electro-Optical 1 EO-1 pod. Retrieved from ” https: The FES was not purchased at that time, but the conformal tanks were developed as retrofit option for existing Fs.