FADE IN: From Idea to Final Draft. The Writing of. Star Trek: Insurrection by. Michael . words of the second draft: “Fade In” and wonder what the hell I’m going to. “Fade In: The Writing of Star Trek Insurrection”. Got an email from The Bitter Script Reader: Hey Scott, I tweeted about this, but I think this might. TrekCore yesterday released a precious gift – an unfinished draft of Michael Piller’s never-released book about the creation of Star Trek.

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If you’re interested in the process of screenwriting or b An interesting look at the creation rwiting a movie from the perspective of the writer. If you move them, they die because of their lack of immune systems. These are the things that make us, as members of an audience, get emotionally involved. Sometimes it has to fit page restrictions, or match someone else’s sensibilities, but if it is to go forward there have to be compromises.

The Year in Trek. How many pages are in this book? I’m not sure I’d be as big a Trekkie as I am without Piller’s influenc I found this fascinating and I’m glad it’s finally been made available to read.

Star Trek Insurrection: How Michael Piller Wrote it | Illusory Promise

View all 3 comments. One of my big problems watching Insurrection was that I didn’t hate the villains or fear for the heroes nearly as much as I wriitng have.

It is not self-congratulatory, but it is not self-deprecating either. Due to pressure from Paramount, it has never received an official publication, but the leaked manuscript is widely available online. I often find myself saying, “I wish I had thought to remember more!


Speculations on Speculative Fiction: I also really need to give credit to the woman who did all the work to pull this book together.

The friction between budgetary concerns by the studios and the creativ What a great insight into the faxe of a writer and the process that goes into the making of a big budget movie. Insurrection could have been a Dominion War movie! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Matthew Rushing rated it really liked it Feb 01, Even more so today.

The Next Generationot well as the inspiration for and the evolution of the ninth Star Trek feature.

Moreover, it is unfortunate that the movies make Riker, Troi, Crusher, LaForge, and Worf subsidiary characters to Data and Picard – but again, you have to satisfy the big names if the project is to advance. And we laughed along with everyone else at William Shatner’s Saturday Night Live bit when he tells them to get a life.

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Fade In: From Idea to Final Draft – The Writing of Star Trek Insurrection (1999) – Michael Piller

They loved the storyline and feel it was even ahead of its time. I thought I would get some dirt on how an artist working in the system got his work destroyed by an interfering studio, laying blame and spelling out what went wrong. The late Michael Piller wrote such a book, though: But now it seems I can’t find a link to it.

Part 2part 3part 4 … Advertisements. Feb 25, Location: Michael Piller was a classy guy. Fade In is a fascinating and eminently-readable work that writijg Trek fans should pick up and read.


“Fade In: The Writing of Star Trek Insurrection” – Go Into The Story

What a great insight into the mind of a writer and the process that goes into the making of a big budget movie.

And one thing I like about the second draft is that the aliens were basically tied to the planet. Relocating entire populations like cattle isn’t a light-hearted concept. Jun 4, Location: Piller wrote this book after the failure of the Insurrection at the box office in His final verdict on the film?

The book takes readers behind the scenes of Insurrection’s evolution and production, with Piller detailing the changes made to the script as the film came to life. I can’t thank Ira and Eric enough. The friction between budgetary concerns by the studios and the creative license of the writer and director is intriguing. Joss seemed like a great great villain. I hope you have better luck.

InSandra Piller revealed that she was looking into the possibility of having the work yet published in print format. My pitch to the publisher was to take the reader through the entire process of the development of the film, starting with the idea and showing how changes, problems, opinions, studio requests, financial considerations, would effect the final product.