Faerûn’s Underdark is not a single, contiguous cavern system, and even places on the same level may not connect to each other. The existence of Underdark. The region called the Underdark is an entire world beneath the feet of the surface dwellers of Faerûn. Inhabited by monstrous and evil creatures that shun the. I’m currently running a game of D&D and was wondering (and this might be a stupid question but I can’t find anything on it) how far Faerun is.

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Lying just under the southern foothills of the Earthspur mountains, this shallow goblin warren has only the most tenuous connections to the Underdark. The gold dwarves now hold the Rift and many of the caverns surrounding it, but several powerful drow cities remain in this vicinity, including Guallidurth, Llurth Dreir, and Tlindhet.

Geography of the Underdark

These poor souls spend most of their time sitting in silence, their minds utterly blank. Fungal creatures of all varieties, including many dangerous kinds, live within Araumycos. But on his arrival, he gathered the stone giant clans of Nedeheim that had fled into the Underdark 5, years earlier and forged a kingdom from them.

The dwarves who lived here fought most often and most successfully with mind flayer from Oryndoll. A series of dams holds thousands of gallons of fresh, clean water in four large caverns.

The city is also home to derro, thousands of slaves, and a small number of stone giants from the Cairngorn clan. Ogremoch’s Bane is a cloud of sentient magic dust that has drifted around the recesses of Blingdenstone for years, like a bad odor that won’t disperse.

A few years ago, she had a vision of the earth convulsing and vomiting forth undead of all descriptions. Xorns that showed restraint by not eating every gem in sight were more or less welcome in Blingdenstone when it was occupied, so nothing about their alignment or appearance generally triggers the spellgems.


Besides the exterior coastline to the west and south, the most dominant feature on the continent is the Sea of Fallen Stars. In the hidden waters of Dupapn, 14 miles under the south end of the Nagawater, a large brood of aboleths dreams of extraplanar wonders, attended by an entire village of skums that they barely notice.

Several horse-drawn hoists also descend to the cave entrances below. The Underdark is a harsh realm where two overwhelming drives rule: Slavery is legal in Drik Hargunen, but most slaves are not allowed within the city for literacy reasons.

The Forgotten Realms is a fantasy world setting, described as a world of strange lands, dangerous creatures, and mighty deities, where magic and supernatural phenomena are quite real. Today, the skums rule themselves but maintain the pretense of being aboleth slaves in the presence of other beings.

The skums are slaves of the aboleths, but the latter rarely issue commands or direct the activities of their slaves. Next in significance is the Shaar, a broad region of grasslands in the south that, together with a large unverdark of water called the Lake of Steam, separates the area around the inland sea from the coastal nations at the southern edge of the continent.

Their rule in Dupapn is absolute, but visitors who stumble blindly across the place might never even know the aboleths are there.

Lying hidden under the Orsraun Mountains near Turmish, at a depth of about 2 miles, Drik Hargunen is a forbidding temple city devoted to the worship of Laduguer, the patron of the gray dwarves. The largest cavern halls become representations of the surface in miniature, with hills, valleys, underground rivers, and lakes.

Underdark – Wikipedia

Unbeknownst to the skums, the aboleth Sochsna is slowly beginning to recover from its stupor and become more aware of its surroundings. Its members have constructed temporary housing and built a winch over the hole to lower searchers down and bring salvage back to the top. In its northerly reaches, it is a frigid area containing numerous ice formations and caves. Any non-cloaker that undeerdark the area is prey, pure and simple.


The Underdark

Tens of thousands of smaller wards and protective circles have been laid inside the large circle and layered over one other, forming a diagram of staggering complexity. Varies, usually racial pantheon Imports: The eight subkingdoms of Deep Shanatar are described below, along with one that replaced one of the original eight. The Earthroot is home to most of the drow city of Undrek’Thoz, as well as the duergar realm of Fraaszummdin.

Archived from the original gaerun December 28, Retrieved unerdark ” https: The chamber is furnished simply with a desk, chair, and bed.

Recently, ambitious duergar from Dunspeirrin have been launching repeated forays to the caverns of Barakuir, as part of their ongoing war with gold dwarf crusaders from the Great Rift over control of the caverns of Deep Shanatar.

After driving out the monsters that lived there, Ilphemon sealed the passages behind his people. Retrieved from ” https: Each major area of the bottom unserdark is separated by 20 feet of tunnel, and all tunnels are rigged to collapse with a trigger.

Droplets of water roughly 2 inches in diameter swell from the leaves of a mature plant every day and can be carried in a basket like oranges. The Empire of Shade