Vector Training Classes. This E-Learning module is also ideal for those planning to participate in the FlexRay workshop of the VectorAcademy. The FlexRay. Protocol. Philip Koopman. Significant material drawn from. FlexRay Specification Version , June 30 Nov © Copyright The FlexRay protocol Master Of Control Systems Wissam Kafa June 17,

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As there are at most 88 cycles between synchronization BSS1, 8 bits of the last byte, FES and TES – 11 bits of 8 cycles eachand the clock drift is no larger than 1 per cycles, the drift may skew the clock no more than 1 cycle. Single-cycle transmission errors may affect results near the boundary of the bits, but will not affect cycles in the middle of the 8-cycle region.

Rutorial first series production vehicle with FlexRay was at the end of in the BMW X5 E70[3] enabling a new and fast adaptive damping system. Modern PC-based FlexRay interfaces may contain on-board termination resistors to simplify wiring. FlexRay supports simple multi-drop passive connections as well as active star connections for more complex networks. This means that, if Gutorial is a sender and ECU-r is a receiver, then for every cycles of the sender there will be between and cycles of the receiver.

The errors are moved to the extreme cycles, and the clock is synchronized frequently enough for the drift to be small. This allows very high-speed control rates to be realized on a FlexRay network. Detail of the FlexRay macrotick Profocol smallest practical unit of time on a FlexRay network is a macrotick. To accommodate a wide variety of data without slowing down the FlexRay cycle with an excessive number of static slots, the dynamic segment allows occasionally transmitted data.

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FlexRay – Wikipedia

Advanced control and safety systems–combining multiple sensors, actuators and electronic control units–are beginning to require synchronization and performance past what the existing standard, Controller Area Network CANcan provide. Adoption of a new networking standard in complex embedded designs like automobiles takes time. Most applications require data to be represented in real decimal values with units, scaling, and limits.


The end result of the dynamic segment is a flsxray similar to the arbitration scheme used by CAN. The Symbol window is primarily used for maintenance and identification of special cycles such as cold-start cycles. Symbol Window Typically used for network maintenance and signaling for starting the network.

FlexRay Automotive Communication Bus Overview

ECU 1 must wait for the next cycle to broadcast. These can be any two separate nodes on the network that pre-designated to broadcast special sync frames when they are first turned on. Serial Bus Systems in the Automobile – FlexRay for data exchange in highly critical safety applications. This not only simplifies your entry into the workshop.

Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from April Payload of a FlexRay Frame. FlexRay accomplishes this hybrid of core static frames and dynamic frames with a pre-set communication cycle that provides a pre-defined space for static and dynamic data.

The segment is a fixed length, so there is a limit of the fixed amount of data that can be placed in the dynamic segment per cycle.

Static Segment Figure 3: This article needs additional citations for verification. FlexRay supports single- and dual-channel configurations which consist of one or two pairs of wires respectively.

Embedded networks are different from PC-based networks in that they have a closed configuration and do not change once they are assembled in the production product. Trailer of a FlexRay Frame.

Most ECUs programs work with FlexRay data as signals and leave the conversion of signals to raw frame data up to the driver or lower-level communication protocols.


This article covers the basics FlexRay.

Differential signaling on each pair of wires reduces the effects of external noise on the network without expensive shielding. Data Security and Error Handling The FlexRay network provides scalable fault-tolerance by allowing single or dual-channel communication.

In-cycle control Figure CAN, for example, used an arbitration scheme where nodes will yield to other nodes if they see a message with higher priority being sent on a bus. The clock is sent in thtorial static segment.

Within the physical layer, FlexRay provides fast error detection and signaling, as well as error containment through an independent Bus Guardian. FlexRay controllers actively synchronize themselves and adjust their local clocks so that the macrotick occurs at the same point in time on every node across the network. Each bit to be sent is held on the bus for 8 sample clock cycles.

The payload contains the actual data transferred by the frame. The clock drift must be not more than 0. FlexRay data is represented in bytes. Retrieved 16 February This is extremely useful when calculating control loops that depend on consistently spaced data.

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FlexRay Automotive Communication Bus Overview – National Instruments

After years of partnership with OEMs, tool suppliers, and end users, the FlexRay standard has emerged as the in-vehicle communications bus to meet tutirial new challenges in the next generation of vehicles. Only the end nodes on a multi-drop bus need termination. BMW airs Ethernet plans”. Higher priority data receives a minislot closer to the beginning of the dynamic frame.

However, it is also possible to connect only one channel when prltocol is not needed, or to increase the bandwidth by using both channels for transferring non-redundant data.