hi there, got some time to spend for another build(and because weather is really crap for the moment to attempt flying), jepe mig 29!! the plan. Like all Version 3 RCPowers planes they have been designed for a quick build. This plane is no exception. Very simple and straightforward. Just be careful as. shipping 1 Piece 4CH rc plane MIG electric remote control fighter jet toy planes kt foam rc airplane with LED fast ship Enjoy ✓Free Shipping Worldwide!.

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With ball joints at both the servo and control horn ends. Not just have to be to the rear end of that hatch length. Nov 19, Wing Spar Luckily I had left the Wing Spar to ‘later’, so that now with the main gear retracting the opposite direction I could put the Wing Spar right after the retract unit, and sort of close to between the half chord point and the CofG point.

Mar 26, I ran it through the fuselage, tested to get it squared and level horizontally and then epoxied that in. Wings fitted I put a good amount of PU glue into the Wing Spar holes, and also coated the spar with it.

The pivot blocks also get the plywood plates screwed onto them, so that it is not just foam holding mig-92 in! But I also wanted the mount to be some amount more forwards of the retract too, so that meant I needed to cut off a small bit of the Ducting ‘half’ of the fuselage, to move onto the main fuselage area – which the retract mount would be over. Images View all Images in thread.


This is also a nice thick portion of the wing. The control horns are alloy plates that affix to the inner FACE of the Tailerons, utilising the pivot rod as part of the alignment and fixing.

HobbyKing Mig 29 – Glue-N-Go Series – Foamboard Kit

In test bed setup the EDF’s each do 2. You can remove the ESC and heatsink assembly by four screws, then screw the case only down, and then replace the ESC and heatsink assembly. You can see those long Retract Pins and how they are exposed for now, in a few of the pics posted so far.

Graham d Registered User. Pretty well only the size of the retract itself, and they will rip out very easily on any landing that is harder than a greaser! For the 70mm fan setup, they will have mounts that place them centrally in the 90mm bays and allow ‘blow past’ of any excess airflow coming toamy the inlets.

mig 29 jepe fast foam scale mods – RC Groups

Hi Gianni, nice build! Once the three plates were all laminated into place with epoxy, they form an extremely strong platform. I want to keep it under 3. The Wings don’t feel like they really need any long 6mm x 1mm carbon fiber strips slotted into them, to reach more outwards to the tip areas. I had started it before the Wing Spar, but then forgot to put it all into place before finishing the Fuselage pieces!


Mediums are fine for hard runways too, but you really want the Large size retracts, with 5mm pins, if operating from grass.

Mig Fulcrum – FlyFly Twin 90mm EDF jet No.2 – RC Groups

Mar 11, Basically it foam all a VERY strong assembly in the nose now! I actually do not have anything to do this, but I will find something I will think it over as I go Originally Posted by gianni sanchez.

Jepe fast foam website. I made it the full length of the underside nose piece, as that is all you can have on that and be able to assemble it. It makes putting the batteries ion very easy A bit like the Russians themselves do in their aircraft designs!! On my other first, and unfinished Mig I have made cutouts for them go into the ducting but had not been able to work out HOW to mount the ESCs in some good way yet.

And in practical terms, the way FlyFly set up the gear storage directions makes a more useful longer wheelbase, and also virtually no change in CofG for gear down or up.

Return to Foamy EDFs. Feb 22, But maybe I will. Those struts Come from jet power this year but i m pretty sure they come From hk!