Fostex Speaker Model. Part Number. ” FULL RANGE, FFK. • ” FULL RANGE • KENAF paper/ fiber composite cone • Foam surround • 94db sensitivity. Features. ♢mm ( in) cone type full range. ♢8 ohm impedance. ♢fo to17kHz frequency response. ♢94dB sensitivity at 1W/1m (ft). ♢kg ( lb) net. I’m planning to use a Fostex FFK as mid/high driver together with a Fostex tweeter and Beyma woofer. Active x-over between de Beyma.

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Hope this helps, Marco.

Audio Asylum Thread Printer

However, it does have a more “wooly” and less tight bass. Anyway, if you looking for a cheap way to get in to single driver than Fostex is the best way to go.

We hope to see you at VSAC, since we have something [cool] to show you. But in my TQWT they sound excellent. These drivers love DHTriodes. I think the match of horn geometry and damping with these drivers is critical to making them sound right. In any case, the FFK has 94dB sensitivity, works well as a full-range driver, betters its bigger brother in the treble but of course is not as good in the bass. Fg165k notice fostfx Fostex seems to have three approaches for getting full-range performance in the treble.

I would have assumed that the FEE Sigma was intended to fostes a direct replacement for the FEE, but the mid and top end make me rethink that. This is a very nice driver but I have to conclude that a ribbon tweeter or something similar would put the cherry on top.


The reason I when for the E is because I didn’t want to lot of money on my first Single Driver atempt. Really looking forward to some big time fun.

Fv165k, but after fine tuning with stuffing inside and around the whizzer cone and placement the result is stunning and no kidding here. I can’t figure out what the FE Sigmas are doing but they look cool.

High Efficiency Speaker Asylum

Magnetically shielded, they also make great computer speakers. Hi Jay Sounds like my experience. They do have a tendancy to ‘shout’ if not properly implimented. I like the Jordan so much I stuck it in here anyway as a fine counter example. I hooked up a 4 ohm SS amp and they were DOA, but with fostrx amp with 8 ohm output, they were lively and nice.

See you there, Jay. Posted by zobsky yahoo. They are amazing dostex for the money. It has 96dB sensitivity and if you bring in a good tweeter, maybe a nice ribbon above 5K, I think you’ll really have something. Of course, this could be dependent on a less-than-optimal match with the backhorn, but I suspect it also has to do with the driver’s higher Qts.

But very thing turn out great! I think I am going to put the FFK in a little bass reflex cabinet and coupled with my newly acquired radioshack supertweeters, should make for an interesting bedroom speaker. I have also noticed that these drivers are very sensitive to impedence match of the amp, and possibly the kind of amp as well. The difference is quite startling. You’ll notice here that the response curves are extremely similar.


This one, however, needs some kind of tweeter and while I think the real maximum excursion is bigger than the spec, I would treat it gently with the “Jurassic Park” sound track. The size and shape of the chamber directly behind the driver will help in this regard.

Stock, it lacks some treble but this is easily improved upon. I am currently listening through some Emotive Audio b monoblocks which have killer power supplies and now the faults I had attributed to the drivers like have seemingly vanished.

I’ve never seen a real curve of the LE 8 and I don’t remember that much about their top end. The FEE seems to have a somewhat more “forward” presentation, with tighter bass a plus and some minor “shout” in the midrange a minus.

I made all my reservations this weekend. I got the FEE in the mail late in the week. As pointed out before, it appears that the high-efficiency drivers make the most out of a current source and here we don’t see any particular advantage.