The Burrow” (German: “Der Bau”) is an unfinished short story by Franz Kafka in which a mole-like being burrows through an elaborate system of tunnels it has. EVERY READER of “The Burrow” who is even moderately familiar with Kafka’s life and work cannot fail to be struck by the realization that there is an intimate. Franz Kafka wrote continuously and furiously throughout his short and . “The Burrow” and “The Great Wall of China” belong at the summit of Kafka’s oeuvre;.

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Hey, I work for an insurance company basically doing what Kafka did and, well, to be honest with you, it is driving me nuts as well. Walling yourself off from harm not only walls you off from the world, but creates a breeding kafkz for personal demons which grow and multiply without adversity.

Max Brod encountered significant difficulty in compiling Kafka’s notebooks into any chronological order as Kafka was known to start writing in the middle of notebooks, from the last towards the first, etc. Unfortunately, reading this book was painful for me. Oh, for those to turn up.

The Burrow by Franz Kafka

However, the interesting thing about this story is that this particular mammal is describing this burrow from its point of view, which makes the whole labyrinthine structure so much more interesting. It never sets out to describe itself and what type of animal it is or used to be?

The story ends with the creature convinced a giant predator is closing in on him and his home, and his extreme anxiety about such an attack. Is the subtext Freudian? Feb 23, Steven rated it it was amazing Shelves: During his lifetime, he published only a few short stories kafkx never finished any of his novels, unless “The Metamorphosis” is considered a short novel. Max Brod argued Kafka intended a showdown with the mole and the impending predator, who arrests so much of our madness in the closing pages.

Eventually, towards the middle of vranz story, it starts hearing a sound in its burrow that it is not able to detect the source of — which can be read as its complete loss of its ego barrier and consequently, loss of its ability to distinguish between outside and inside input. As his fellow countryman Milan Kundera said: Mar 09, Elias Vasilis Kontaxakis rated it it was amazing.


It was simply a goal hole that is so bright, small and unreachable in the mid of dark context.

The Burrow (short story) – Wikipedia

Kafka’s first language was German, but he was also fluent in Czech. The Burrow by Franz Kafka. Kafka has created a character who, on the one hand, is totally unfamiliar and belongs to the realm of the Real in its arousal of a strong sense of the uncanny, and on the other hand, is very familiar in its dealings and failings with the everyday experience of being human.

The plot is simple: Franz Kafka was one of the major fiction writers of the 20th century. Rich, strange, funny, poignant, terrifying. But, even as the mole notices, life outside his burrow has a certain sweetness to it, and at times is preferable. Brod, in fact, would oversee the publication of most of Kafka’s work in his possession, which soon began to attract attention and high critical regard.

We gather from his thoughts a few tidbits about his life: Which brings us to the unfinished nature of this story – surely it is fortuitous isn’t it? What makes the creature in “The Burrow” so interesting is its employment of a human-like mindset and glorification of rational thinking in its occupation with changing its natural surrounding into artificiality through labor.

The creature is rarely able to afford the luxury of lowering his gaze from the need to survive, but when he does the only ‘frivolous’ thoughts he allows himself are contemplations upon the spaces he has created and their silence which is pleasing to him. It is outside all possibilities of naming and comprehension, and its inability to be contained within the alternatives of man and beast puts it in the perimeter of any shared human Symbolic Order.

There is an instant, where, it is doting over its treasure that is largely made up of food and it loses itself in a binge eating episode. But it made me feel annoyance in such a deep way–which I respect. Show 25 25 50 All. Return to Book Page.

The Burrow by Franz Kafka review – a superb new translation

This is both a simple fact void of noise the mind hallucinates but also slightly tragic given what we know about the author. Perhaps then the burrow is not an attempt at escaping from reality, but from the nightmare of our consciousness—to guard against not just others but ourselves. What this creature is describing kafja effectively ‘the basics’ of every creature’s life, including the human, and though he clearly rises some little way above the fundamentals of existence, it isn’t by much.


Prior to his death, Kafka wrote to his friend and literary executor Max Kxfka Surely an anxiety is fundamentally what is beneath all existences, something which is ‘managed’ according to resources, time, and culture?

The creature itself is also utterly unfamiliar in its defiance of any kind of human-animal burtow, its voluntary seclusion from society, and its corporeal ambiguity.

Compared to this, as an articulation of self-disgust, Metamorphosis is as clear as day.

The Burrow

The world is a loud, dangerous place, and the desire for a quiet home, safe from danger, able to grant peace of mind is precious beyond all imagining. For instance, the main room is referred to as the ‘Great Castle’, while in reality it is just a muddy hole in the ground.

View all 3 comments. The story reflects issues Kafka experienced all his life, and so have I. Maybe then that is what the beast is, the jealous and envious person that goes out of its way to destroy one’s happiness.

Everything I leave behind me Still, an imaginary talking animal is hardly a groundbreaking thought, and rhe was not at Kafka’s time either.

Sep 24, Siewjye Chow rated it really liked it Shelves: Jul 09, Adam Carrico rated it really liked it. Fiction in translation Fiction Paperbacks reviews. Okay, somebody has suggested that a statement where the narrator talks about a part of its forehead being used to frsnz suggests that it is a mole, but there is another part of the story where the narrator suggests that it can see, and as far as I know moles are blind though since I am not a zoologists, just some chump working for an insurance company, I cannot say for sure.

Kafka has a style of his own