Learn how to speedsolve the Rubik’s Cube lihgtning fast using the popular CFOP method (Fridrich Method). Simple explanations with images and animations. If you have already read our beginner’s solution guide, you will already know how to do this step. But here are a few tips on how to get faster at. To solve Rubik’s cube, a person has to use a solving method. Fridrich method is one of the easiest and widely used method around the globe!! There are several .

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While doing the last D move, you can start inspecting for the next step of the resolution. Then you do the corners.

But if you want to solve the cube under 20 seconds, that’s a very important step. Look at your Rubik’s cube and try to see the optimal solution for solving the cross. Don’t worry if you don’t want learn all that yet. Each slot is filled by inserting a corner and its corresponding edge simultaneously.

How to Speedsolve the Rubik’s Cube

In the Fridrich method, the last layer is solved differently from the beginners method. Also remember that you have two hands and the left hand should not only be used to hold the cube.

I would advice you to get one of those, best speed cubes on Amazon. The formulas can seem a bit long but they are quite easy to learn.


This is the fastest and the easiest Rubik’s cube solving method. Sometimes, it is easier to first build the pair and then insert it. Some of them even happen less than 0. Every algorithm will save you time. First we will turn the white corner so that it is not white on top anymore and then solve it with one of the formulas presented above.

Fridrich method : The fastest Rubik’s cube solution for 3x3x3

This method is named after its creator, Jessica Fridrich. To do that we will need to flip the corners and the edges. They were tutotial the one after the other in the step 7 of the beginners method. Super-durable and solid stickers with vivid colors will not peel off or fade easily.

Now you have everything to find the best F2L algorithms using Fridrich method. Here, we outline pure CFOP without any additional trick.

How to Speedsolve the Rubik’s Cube – CFOP Method Explained

Although the cases can be very different, some similar pattern often happen. The aim is to mrthod the moves continuously and to have a good transition between each step. Those new to PLL break up the step into two. Once you can do any cross blindfolded, you will be able to focus on the first pair while solving the cross. But I don’t recommend it because it is significantly slower than full PLL.

Every second you do not rotate any face can be saved. You are now ready to be a speedcuber metod your knowledge of the Fridrich method. Everyone has his own technique and his way of solving the cross. Not logged in Create account Log in. I taught them in the page of the tips for solving the Rubik’s cube.


CFOP method – Wiki

Fridrich method is also called CFOP. You can learn to do this intuitively, tutorizl is not as hard as it seems. This case will be solved in two steps.

Fridrich method was invented by Jessica Fridrich of Czech Republic in the ‘s. According to me, it is much more interesting to find all the cases by yourself. The OLL skip is the position where all the last layer is already oriented without performing any algorithm.

You permute move the pieces on the last layer to solve the entire cube. Here is an extract from Wiki: You may be tempted to solve this case with your right hand. Cross – You solve a cross on bottom, like the layer by layer method.

If you can not do that with your Rubik’s cube, have a look at our guide to buy a Rubik’s cube.