Formula Student Electric Rules Version Page 4. Release date: 2. General. The principle of Formula Student Electric is to allow the. Anti Intrusion Plate (Specific FSG/FSE change of Formula SAE® Part B Rule ) Securing Fasteners (Specific FSG/FSE change of. Formula SAE Rules revision ARTICLE 3: FORMULA SAE RULES AND ORGANIZER FIA , FIA

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РЕГЛАМЕНТ англ – Стр 2

Neither the competition organizers nor the competition sites can be listed as the receiving party. The following documents supporting each vehicle must be submitted by the action deadlines posted on each competition website or otherwise published by the organizers.

Check the individual competition websites for exact registration requirements, applicable to those events. Volunteer judges evaluate all the required submissions and it is essential that they have enough time to complete their work.

The Committee will not respond to questions fdae are already answered in the rules. Teams may not protest rule interpretations or actions that have not caused them any substantive damage. For everyone else, this is a tuning issue.

Formula SAE Italy

Refer to the Rule C5. Once your team captain has created an account it will remain valid until your team becomes dormant or no longer registers to compete. User Name Remember Me? It is recognized that thousands of hours of work have gone into fielding a fsqe and that teams are entitled to all the points they can earn. Rues of belts, chains and clutches. Read the individual rules for complete document submission requirements.


We also recognize that there can be differences in the interpretation of rules, the application of penalties and the understanding of procedures.

An electronic question submission system is being developed for the North American competitions. And Percy remains a legless cripple. Noncompliance must be corrected and the car re-inspected before the car is allowed to operate under power.

Adjustment to engine operating parameters, e.

Team Member Restrictions — Team members must be approved by the Team Captain or the Faculty Advisor before being able to view or upload team documents. Document Access — Uploaded documents can only be viewed by 1 members of the submitting team, 2 authorized judges, technical inspectors and officials and 3 CDS staff.

Both an electronic version and a hard copy version are required. Most required documents must be submitted in a format specified in the individual event rules or using a prescribed form.

Contact Us Archive Top. All protests must fsqe filed in writing and presented to the organizer or SAE staff by the team captain.


We do not issue letters of invitation. After the first month of registration any untaken slots at any of the competitions will be available to any team on a first come, first serve basis. The efficiency change is on the list for potential changes.

Adjustment of tire pressure. Team captains automatically have the feae roles and privileges as their team members. Note – There may be a delay of up to three 3 business days between the time your team registers for a competition and the fsaeonline site recognizes the validity of your authentication number and the captain can create his account.

Upon the completion of the repair and before re-entering into any dynamic competition, the vehicle MUST be re-submitted to Technical Inspection for re-approval. The SAE website will be updated with the rules soon, but the rjles are available now on our updated fsaeonline.

The decision of the competition protest committee regarding any protest is final. And it’s a mixed bag next year anyway. Adjustment of the driver restraint system, head restraint, seat and pedal assembly.