Investigación; Servicios Técnicos; Funciones rectoras la selección, uso, manejo y mejoramiento de los suelos, el uso de los fertilizantes y dictar las. cc co producir un biofertilizante líquido mediante la fermentación en un biodigestor utilizando residuos de origen agropecuario inoculados con. evaluar el efecto del manejo integrado de fertilizantes y abo- nos orgánicos en la actividad de fosfatasas y ureasa, la coloni- zación micorrízica.

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Las variables de respuesta estudiadas fueron: Investigations on the mechanism of the brassinoesteroid response. Advances in pesticide science. The influence of high intensity on the internodal response of intact bean plants to brassins.

Effect of microbial interactions in the mycorrizosphere on plant growth and health. In the state of Yucatan more than thousand hectares are planted with maize and the average yield is 0.

Treatments inoculated with mycorriza and azospirillum were similar in yield to the negative control. Plant and Soil Critical evaluation of plant inoculation whit benefical bacteria from the genus Azospirillum. Activity in selected auxin biossays. Influence of spectral quality on the growth response of intact bean plants to brassinoesteroids, a growth promoting steroidal lactone.


The aim of this study was to compare the use of mycorrhiza VAM Glomus intraradicesAzospirillum brasilense and a Bassinosesteroidal phytormone with chemical fertilizer. Effects of brassinoesteroid on growth and electrogenic proton extrusion in maize root segments. Stem elongation and morphogenesis. Growth of three legume trees inoculate, with VA mycorrhizal fungi and Rhizobium.

Instituto de suelos

Agronomic applications of Azospirillum evaluation of 20 years world wide field inoculation. Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal Glomus intraradicesAzospirillum brasilense and Brasinoesteroid on yield of maize in luvisol soil. Assimilate partitioning and chlorophyll content. En plantas de tabaco, Roth et al.

Nutrient status and mycorrhizal enhancement of water transport in soybean. New plant biofertioizantes regulators, Brassinolide analogues: VIL Photosynthetic nutrient use efficiency in nodulate mycorrhizal soybeans. The study was conducted in a Luvisol soil during four years to and at Uxmal Experimental Station, Yucatan, Mexico.

Preparación de Biol, un biofertilizante o abono líquido fermentado

In maize production, fertilizers are important to obtain high yields, however, the search for ecological alternatives such as beneficial rhizosfere microorganisms and phytohormones in order to reduce chemical fertilizer use, is needed.


The activity and interaction of brassinolide and gibberellic acid in mung bean epicotyls.

Acceleration of plant growth through seed treatment with brassin. El Brassinoesteroide es un producto natural, con una estructura esteroidal biofertllizantes estimula el desarrollo vegetal Gross y Parthier, ; Cluose y Sasse, Micorriza in sustainable agriculture.

Por otra parte, Steffens et al.

Novel natural substances acting in plant growth regulation. Brassinolide, a growth promoting steroidal lactone. Enhancement of overall growth, a new response to brassins. Techniques for potential enhancement of crop production.

Mayo de Aceptado: Most of the planted area is under rainfall conditions; therefore maize production and its sustainability depend solely on precipitation. Hormones and nucleic acid metabolism.