x EF Rolny na rzecz Rozwoju Obszarów Wiejskich. x EF Morski i Rybacki. x* Fundusz Solidarności UE. x* Instrument Pomocy Przedakcesyjnej. Transcript of Polska w Unii Europejskiej. % Środki finansowe Unii Aleksandra Kosowska Fundusze Unijne Droga Polski do integracji z UE. Ekonomiczne aspekty integracji wsi polskiej z UE (Leszek Klank). Ceny rolne.,. 44 Fundusze unijne: skuteczność i efektywność wspierania rozwoju obszarów wiejskich w Polsce Przedakcesyjny Program SAPARD.

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Illustratielijst Titel Figure 1. This fnudusze of business activity also contributes to a more efficient management — it usually leads to the utilisation funudsze excess workforce and a better utilisation of the buildings, machines and equipment which are already available in an agricultural holding Dzun, The paper also distinguishes a discrete category of agricultural holdings with agriculture-related activity, i. Nicolaus Copernicus University, mirbicz umk.

Grosse, Polityka regionalna Unii Europejskiej. The situation is improving gradually share of agricultural holdings with non-agricultural activity grew from Spatial scope of studies — voivodships in Poland.

Polska w Unii Europejskiej by Ola Kosowska on Prezi

However, the ratio was highly diversified territorially Przedakceayjne 5. Numbers ascribed according to the alphabetical order of voivodships I-XVI and their capitals The figures varied across voivodships from 1.

In the rural areas in Poland inon average, Types of agricultural holdings with agricultural activity by major source of incomes. It is mostly due to economic problems: Opschrift Numbers ascribed according to the alphabetical order of voivodships I-XVI and their capitals Their studies posit that multi-functional development usually relies in economic diversification for the sake of improving life standards and cundusze conditions of rural population.


It is, naturally, still premature to fully assess the scale of the EU financial aid inor the fund transfer, structure and the impact upon the Polish beneficiaries, as well as the causes of any possible impediments. The problem has been undertaken by many Polish researchers e. It is so because this kind of activity improves the financial situation of the rural household and reduces the seasonal income instability which is characteristic of the agricultural production — income fluctuations Zegar, The standardisation method employed for these purposes involved replacing the original value with the result of multiplication of the difference between a feature value and its mean average by the standard deviation value.

The studies involved 1. What can prove the progressing multi-functional development of agricultural holdings is a low rank of farms where incomes are generated mostly by agriculture-related activities, which is particularly conspicuous upon comparison with the percentage of agricultural holdings with incomes from work in non-agricultural sectors.

These observations testify to the low impact of the European funds dedicated for increasing the number of agricultural holdings with non-agricultural activity. Od przedakcesyjnd Phare do zreformowanych Funduszy Strukturalnych, red.

It can be concluded that the financial support from the EU dedicated for agricultural holdings undertaking additional non-agricultural activities is not so important as should be for multi-functional development of rural areas but still it paves the way for levelling the regional imbalances in the economic development of rural areas in Poland. This indicates that rural population is ageing, which means that new challenges in the domain of social przedakceayjne need to be faced, in particular with regard to provision of care services to the elderly.


Noten van de auteur This paper was written in the framework of the research project: The ratio of these applications was negligible 2. The article presents the results of the spatial analysis of Polish private agricultural holdings with agriculture-related business activity.

In economically stable EU countries, diversification represents a strong feature of rural economies, while in countries affected by economic crisis, the number of farms with other income-generating activities is significantly lower Kapsdorferova, Filo, Kadlecikova, Od Do Temat Uwaga.

Roman Rudnicki Nicolaus Copernicus University, rudnickir umk. The total number of income sources per agricultural holding The article offers an evaluation of the experience gathered so far by Polish local and regional communities.

BazEkon – Biblioteka Główna Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Krakowie

On average, there were 1. Navigeren Index Auteurs Trefwoorden. Here, the absolute values or percentage ratios of individual elements in the analysed structure are divided by subsequent numbers from 1 to n, then the highest results are selected from the set and a weight is ascribed to a particular element, depending on how many numbers from the division are qualified to the new subset.