Variac on zero, power switch off- connect power cord. 2). Connect either output to load box (load A). 3). Resistance loads open (switch in. Gallien Krueger rb Schematic Diagram. Uploaded by esquisof. Gallien Krueger rb Schematic Diagram. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as. Hello, Service Manual of the Gallien Krueger rb this is a amp for bass, there are layout, pcs, schematics for preamp and poweramp.

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Soundcraft b schematic Started by Ghengis The Lab. If they don’t, then you can remove the I. There’s a transistor, the trim-pot, two 1K resistors, and two more resistors.

Help repairing Gallien Krueger B

Opening it up Krusger had burnt up. Here’s what I’ve done so far However if connected wrong, the amp will burn-up at turn-on. I have a copy of the GK RB schematic actually, the service manual.

When the IC became history, they made up a small board with long pins, you install it in the same pc board holes and it does the function. If it actually takes most of 4mA, the base current is less than 2uA. Glad to see someone go the RB schematics uploaded. I can’t remember if GK has a few of those chips, but you might want to contact them to see if they still have some “reserve” stock, just for this purpose. April 19, Also, it’s generally not as loud as it should be.


Peavey used a ton of the TL back in the s. This makes me wonder if one of the other parts is still sick. Assume the total is 1K to 2K. A ohm resistor would be “right”, except it has an all-wrong temperature coefficient. August 23, I’ll probably just remove the chip and jump the pins. I’ve gotten pretty good with tubes but I don’t know anything about transistors so looking at the schematic and the circuit board it’s not adding up to me.

PNP will tend to be 0. If this does not happen, the amp gets hot, idles at higher temp, gets hotter yet, and goes into “run-away”.

Gallien-Krueger 400RB Service Manual

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. February 19, CJ, thanks for the context regarding the topology. The 2nd one is the right one. I believe the bias never worked as intended. The watt amp schematic would be good to have if avaiable too. The bases of the outer devices are nominally half the supply voltage, noted as I’ll keep replacing resistors but if anyone could help me figure out a kruegef to keep it powered on long enough to measure some voltages that’d be a big help.

For example, I’d rather have reverb always on that be stuck in one channel. You are unable to reach 0. You didn’t drag a hundred pounds to under-whelm the bar’s ventilation rumble. Their parts department would sell you one.


We need about six times 0. Maybe one of these hypex class D modules. Started by Ilya The Lab. It sure looks like you should have plenty. Hey everyone, my apologies for having been absent schmeatic this particular thread for so long. Please try to post it here, for future reference for others. If your wondering about the NTE parts use their online cross reference http: More will cook, today or next summer.

Started by 3nity Drawing Board. Attached Files RB Preamp I’d put these in series with the power rails. When things went wrong, the voltage would fall very fast, the resistors get hot instead of the transistors. Since my last post I’ve been enjoying this amp, the output was a kruegre hairy at power up but I’m using it in a punk band.

That is, you can still control the level of boost, as if the amp were in it’s normal state no footswitch plugged in. One of the replacement transistors was mounted but never soldered, next to it was a fried resistor.

If you don’t use a footswitch to boost, than this schematicc not only acceptable, but no different than having the I.

When the going gets weird That bias circuit reads wrong to me.