THE TUNNEL THRU THE AIR or. LOOKING BACK FROM BY. W. D. GANN. Author of “Truth of the Stock Tape” and. “Speculation a Profitable Profession”. THE TUNNEL THRU THE AIR W. D. GANN Please handle this volume with careo The University of Connecticut Libraries, Storrs hbl, stx PZ3GTU Tunnel thru. This is an interesting story entwining the stock and commodity markets with the nation’s struggle leading up to World War II. Mr. Gann wrote this book in , yet .

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Now, cheer up, old pal, the sun will shine again and Marie or some other girl just as good will smile on you. And the glory of the Lord came into the house, by the way of the gate whose prospect is toward the east. Then you will find a beautiful flower that many never see at all, Confidence. It is not the money that counts with me, but it does count with my father and mother, and I want you to prove to them that without the help of anyone you can make as much money as father has.

W. D. Gann: The Tunnel Thru the Air

He realized that by studying it he tunhel be able to forecast the future and benefit himself thereby. My dear Robert, I have just received your letter, and I am happy to know that the cotton is moving your way. In a few weeks will be up around 17e a pound, and we will have a lot of money made.


There are a number of quotes gqnn the book which are unclear aid they are really said or written by the person. I have read your letter with a great deal of interest. In October,a locomotive by steam car- riages started in Liverpool. Walter introduced Robert to Marie.

I am anxious to make some money in my cotton deals and get into wheat for the big advance that I figure is coming this Spring and Summer.

While I want to use it wisely, together with a little other money I have saved, I feel it is my duty to tell gannn what I intend to do with it. He was sure that with her love, he would rhe and accomplish every desire that he had hoped for. If I had some money I certainly would send it to you to buy some cotton for me. Marie then wrote the following letter: Kennelworth, he met with another severe automobile accident, this time breaking his right arm.

Walter Kennelworth’s family being one of the most wealthy and prominent in Texarkana, they were at all the social functions, at which Robert met all the younger set in the city.

It is the start of the seventh chapter, Future Cycles. In grammar, writing and geography he was always falling below his marks, and Walter Kennelworth had to help him out.

When we reach the end of the Garden we find the flower of all flowers, its beauty and radiance far outshining the noon-day Sun. The vast difference in the environment and conditions under which these two boys had been brought up seemed to make no dif- ference in their friendship.


I am always interested in anything that you liave to write or talk to me about. Told her thf he was working on an invention, and also planning to make some money speculating in Stocks and Commodities.

Very few people were engaged in tilling the soil on account of wars. Remember, everything in this universe is elliptical or circular in motion; that applies both gannn the abstract and the concrete, the mental, physical and spiritual. To make all your friends see that there is something in them. The Spring was late and planting de- layed. So I wish that there were some wonderful place Called the Land of Beginning Again, Where all our mistakes and all our heartaches And all of our poor, selfish grief Could be dropped, like a shabby old coat, at the thri, And never put on again.

His hopes and ambitions soared higher than they had ever before. Have there all things thou countest as thine own; And what thou wouldst have hhe — there let it be. He would play around the house, use his father’s tools and talk about the great inventions that he was going to make.

Every thought you think makes a circle, and it comes back to you. Kennelworth in his office. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.