Learn how forex traders use the Gartley pattern to identify major turning points in the market. STAGE 1: THE BULLISH IMPULSE LEG A bullish impulse leg is a strong move in price action to the upside. The impulse leg can be a mixture. The Gartley pattern is a complex chart pattern, based on Fibonacci numbers and ratios, that helps traders identify reaction highs and lows.

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You wrote a very good article Chris. Nathan on July 7, gartlsy 4: I show the “strict” Gartley retraces in the figure for reference. Some pattern names are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. What makes the Gartley such a nice setup when it forms is the reversal points are a Fibonacci retracement and Fibonacci extension level.

The candle does not tartley to close above the C can stop at any Fib of AB, which is Target 2 at the The numbers are similar with the strict interpretation outperforming the loose variation.

Gartleys book, Profits in the Stock Market. Search Our Site Search for: I show the performance results of tests on both types in Table 1. The average length varied greatly between the two types but the median was closer. And the break out would occur when price bounces off the Fib and breaks a trend line in the anticipated direction.


Hey thanks I have a question though. The Gartley pattern is a reversal pattern with clear rules and provides an excellent reward to risk. The Bat pattern has the following qualities:. Thanks a lot Tom: For an estimate of the turning price, use the BC move. Has this helped your trade management? We discussed entry techniques in a previous article: A flag will typically find support levels at the various Fibonacci points such as Here is part 1 and 2 part 2 has the pattern.

Trading the patterns forex is as always a gwrtley of entry methodology. For the Gartley patterns mentioned here, a direct level entry tutorizl a pending entry order at a specific Fibonacci level.

Trading The Gartley Pattern –

The key to avoiding all the confusion is to take things one step at a time. When trading the bullish Gartley pattern, the pattern is meant to be traded at 1. You may want to correct that. If you believe the pattern is unfolding but price is only at point B, be patient and wait until price reaches the D leg completion. Hi Selemon, happy to hear that you found the article interesting and useful!

He may be reached at Support this site! The power of the pattern comes from converging Fibonacci levels of all points from X to D. The crucial Fibonacci retracement level you are looking for is the Notice how choppy the Gartley appears when compared to the idealized figure at the top of this article.


I chose a close below X as the stop location but once turn D is in place, that could serve as a closer stop. The bat screenshot has been modified in the meantime.

Bulkowski’s Bullish Gartley

Since then, various books, trading software, and other patterns discussed below have been made based on the Gartleys. A confirmation would be to wait for a candlestick reversal pattern at the Fib. Bearish butterfly Bullish butterfly Feeling crabby? Do like trading the patterns?

How do you know the stock has completed the turn at D? Soon enough, paftern realized that these patterns could also be applied to other markets. You are looking for a 1.

Important Results for Bullish Gartley Overall performance rank 1 is best: The CD leg is therefore often equal to the AB leg.