by Georges Lakhovsky. Since November , I have published in various technical and radio publications, several papers in which I explained by theory that. In , Georges Lakhovsky published a paper with the explicit title of “Curing Cancer with Ultra Radio Frequencies” in Radio News. His expressed philosophy . Buy Secret of Life on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

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The complete apparatus coil, high frequency circuits, rings, etc. At 25 MHz the signal had dropped to approximately bB. The cell with very weak vibrations, when placed in the field of multiple radiations, finds its own frequency and starts again to lajhovsky normally through the phenomenon of resonance.

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The problem is somewhat similar to the situation in which a rescuer finds himself when, coming to help a friend in a dangerous situation,finds himself fighting hand to hand against strong aggressors. An adjustable spark gap was developed which is suitable both for the MWO and the Tesla coil enthusiasts.

In Figure 8I have shown a modification of the invention which comprises a vacuum tube 50 containing a plate 51 and a plurality of different wave lengths producing grids 5253and It is by the combination of these elements that the cells detect outside waves and vibrate continuously at a very high frequency, probably higher than the period of X-rays or over all other vibrations known and measured today. The great difficulty with all methods found was that in destroying, the bacillae cell was attacked too.

With the help of it he came way to treat some patients with cancer disease. The motion of a pendulum will be used for this explanation.

Skilling Store Read more The spark gap si a study in itself. Finally, the area of the cross section of each of these various circuits can vary from one circuit to the other for instance, this area can decrease from the periphery ring “a” to the center ring “f” of the radiating system.


Top Reviews Geoges recent Top Reviews. Three years later, with the original coil left in place, the plant grew into a very robust specimen. Even the inside sick tissues were destroyed, although they were next to healthy cells in the center of the limb, showing that the radiations had not gdorges the healthy parts.

He then wrote a series of articles which were published in the Borderlands Journal that explained how the MWO worked.

George Lakhovsky and the multiwave oscillator

The photograph, taken 2 months after inoculation, that is to say at the end of Januaryshows the cancerous tumour developing together with the plant which does not appear to be affected by it, whereas the control plants, inoculated with cancer on the same date and shown here beside the treated plant, have all perished. Discover Prime Book Goerges for Kids.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. He found that the 30 cm loop captured frequencies that fell within the resonant frequency range of the plant’s cells. Lakhovsky married Louise Anne-Marie Reinacle. At age 72, inLakhovsky was struck by a limousine. During JanuaryI began to build, according to this theory, and with the purpose of therapeutic applications, an apparatus, which I have called Radio-Cellulo-Oscillator, with the firm belief that the cells vibrating at extremely short wavelengths would find their own in the Hertzian waves, which have the properties of producing extremely short harmonics.

When a pendulum is displaced from the position of equilibrium, it moves back and forth egorges what are known as ochrone oscillations, until the energy stored is entirely exhausted. The rings 30 and 31 may lakhoveky the primary inductance members, whereas the remaining rings constitute the secondary inductance members as before set forth. Details can be found in his US patent 1, and the compact, portable, screw-in-lightbulb-style-vacuum-tube upgrades seen in his US patent 2, Inwhen he was seriously ill, doctors predicted his quick death.

It may well be that the beneficial effects of MWO usage for various disease conditions is not due to radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. From the foregoing it may be seen that I have provided tubes in various forms for the purpose of generating and conducting multiple wavelengths. The drying action of the radio frequency radiations is selective and affects only the sick part of the plant.


In the middle of he tried the operation of his device at Paris’ hospital. It thus forms an electrostatic field of high frequency which induces oscillations in the other rings “c”, “d”, “e”, “f”. The MWO is a high voltage transformer. No refunds lahovsky returns. This plant centerinnoculated with cancer on the 4th December was encircled with an open metallic circuit of 30 cm.

Later, inBorderlands put together a big manual called The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Handbook which was updated and revised again in’92, and ‘ Such are the results of my researches with plants. After graduating from the Engineering Institute of Odessa, he went to France in Lamhovsky results of the tests from 16 KHz to 10 GHz are shown in the accompanying computer printouts.

This apparatus produces wavelengths of the order of two meters and less, corresponding to million cycles per second.

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Their son Serge Jean Jacques Lakhovsky, was a lakhocsky. Payment in full is due ahead of services. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Many methods of generating the high voltages required by the MWO may be devised.

Since NovemberI have published in various technical and radio publications, several papers in which I explained by theory that the instinct or special feeling, which permits birds to direct themselves in space, is only the results of the emission and reception of rays by living beings.