GoldWave is a commercial digital audio editing software product developed by GoldWave Inc, . Español · Français · 한국어 · Italiano · Polski · Português · Suomi · Tiếng Việt · 中文 · Edit links. This page was last edited on 22 December This app module enhances access and usage of Goldwave audio editor. Goldwave and keyboard commands, refer to Goldwave Manual. GoldWave is a digital audio editor that offers an array of functionalities such as See more apps in Tom’s Guide for more Windows Information and Windows.

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A Windows system usually creates 8 bit, unsigned or 16 bit, signed, little endian data. If you click-and-drag with the right mouse button, you can play or zoom in on that area without altering the current selection. Click and hold the left mouse button.

GoldWave Manual

Use the record button to record your own sounds. To do a crossfade manually in GoldWave, follow these steps: A status window will appear goldwzve the progress and listing any errors that occur. It prompts you to provide a destination folder where GoldWave will be installed. Encoded Audio is compressed using an encoding algorithm. The waveform can be reshaped directly with the mouse when zoomed in.

Overwrite Use Overwrite to overwrite part of the sound with the clipboard beginning at the start marker’s position.


This makes the effect more full and pronounced. Select the part of the sound you want to keep. GoldWave will inform you if this happens. The selection is not copied to the clipboard. Using GoldWave The following sections give information about GoldWave’s user interface, features, and menu structure.

A value of 2 will vary the delay over from 0 to its maximum twice a second. The file uses a new compression method or format that GoldWave does not recognize. If the first word is Startthen select the command from the main Windows task bar menu structure instead.

The location of the mouse pointer is used as the focal point.

Download GoldWave (Free) for Windows

A information icon emphasizes helpful information and techniques. A value of 1 loops playback once, so the selection is played twice. Choose the Volume tab. You can use the rewind and fast forward buttons to quickly find a sound. This setting does not apply to recording. The beginning of the sound, outside the selection, is played first.

GoldWave 5.69

If the “wavedata” variable is two dimensional, the espaoll is assumed to be stereo. Level activated recording is useful for automatically synchronizing recording to a sound source een efficiently capturing airport or police radio communications containing mostly silence that does not need to be recorded.

By creating a horizontal line at about 80dB, you can remove a hiss from a sound. Hold the Ctrl key to store the positions so they can be recalled in a different Sound window.

The speed, or frequencyat which the delay varies is controlled as well. Also note that not all file types can store information.


Close the third song. The Remove All button removes all files and folders from the list. Status Bar The status bars show attributes of the Sound window, including the sampling rate, length, selected region, channels, and general file format information. Right-click on the button to quickly access some of those settings.

As an alternative, you can use the Copy To command to save the selection to a separate file or use the AutoTrim command to automatically trim silences. The Fine tune goldwavf lets you make a slight pitch adjustment in hundredths of a semitone. These windows contain a waveform graph of the sound with a time axis near the bottom. For an introduction to some of the terms used in this section, refer to the Editing Overview section and Appendix A.

After you copy the noise, remember to change the selection to the part of the file you want to apply the noise reduction. Mnaual lets you quickly test how a cut or delete will sound without actually changing the sound. Otherwise the initial range espaop constant for all processing. This makes the interface seem more responsive when starting playback.