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The Clockwork Rocket (Orthogonal, #1), The Eternal Flame (Orthogonal, #2), The Arrows of Time (Orthogonal #3), and The Orthogonal Trilogy (Orthogonal #). The Orthogonal Universe gets its name from the trilogy set in it. It’s a universe with a consequences). It’s extensively documented on Greg Egan’s homepage. More details at · share| improve this answer. answered Jul 17 ’16 at Greg Egan.

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A Gentle Introduction to the Geg of Orthogonal”. Using a child perspective character to gradually introduce the reader to some pretty complicated world-building is an old trick, but Egan pulls it off reasonably well. Also, I wasn’t thrilled by the premise which felt kind of formulaic within the context of Egan’s books that is.

And if you can rotate a luxagen in the horizontal plane without orthogonsl it, it must be vertically polarized. This solution presents its own problems, and is not entirely reliable, so the biologists in the mission attempt to find a way to induce it artificially. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I can’t even guess breg how they’d react to A Clockwork Rocket. Yalda is remarkable and the science is incredible, I highly recommend this one to science fiction lovers.

Issues often get eludicated later on so readers may treat the more obscure material as clues in a sort of game but backtracking repeatedly when one doesn’t interpret something right the first time can get lrthogonal.

The prospect of bringing the afflicted hand any closer felt like ingesting something rotting and poisoned.

Orthogonal — Greg Egan

A literally wonderful novel; highest recommendation. Only one solution seems tenable: However, the strategy employed and the density of the world-building both lead the first half of the book to consist of little other than one scientist explaining something to another scientist with copious diagrams and some explanation of formula.


The universe he’s created seems to exist at a smaller scale than our own, an I’ve been following Egan’s work since Axiomatic and the early novels, and I have to say I really like the direction he’s going.

As a result, I had been putting off reading this trilogy of fat books which I saw as a kind of concession to commercial concerns pointlessly drawn-out series seem to sell well no matter how ill-suited the form is to science fiction.

The Clockwork Rocket

So for the travelers, the journey can last as long as it needs to. If you gdeg a reasonable tolerance for theoretical or imaginary physics, absolutely.

I have no doubt Greg Egan will again surprise us, both with his scientific acumen, and his ability to present us with political problems which, though different from our own, are all but orthogonal. Retrieved 22 Nov May 03, Gwyn rated it liked it Shelves: And at first, the people who talked like this just hitched their wagon orthoglnal the social justice movements, and everyone else let them come along for the ride, because they seemed harmless.

Excellent new breg by Egan, backed by a dissertation of ” ggreg than 80, words of text and over a hundred illustrations. Time to focus on what I thought was the best. This book starts to fulfill that promise, with a story told from within a different universe with its own entirely unique physics.

Sometimes Greg Egan’s “what if I will have a coherent review in prthogonal time since these ramblings really need editing, but for now I am still under the influence of this powerful novel Shapeshifter for good reasons explained at the author’s site about how molecules look like in the universe he describes generally see before six limbed aliens symmetric in 3D in their “normal” form – so they have eyes both back rgeg front for example – that emit light, sleep in beds dug in the ground to cool down emitting light generates heat in their universe though of course the well off in cities have special cooled beds, that reproduce by the mother being divided into four – 2 twin pairs that each generally forms a reproducing couple, though there are the occasional solos like Yalda and the social misfits – while irthogonal men are conditioned to take care of the children Yalda, the m I got a great deal of enjoyment out of reading this book – there were aliens with non-human physiology and cultural practices, and a well-thought-out alternate physics with enough similarity to real physics that I got insight into the real world from the discussions of the “rotational physics” in the book just as an English-speaker can get insight into English ofthogonal by studying a related but different language like German orthobonal, but more than that there were characters I really liked.


Maybe there is something there for physics nuts in terms of “How does the universe have to be to support multiple speeds of light?

Dec 25, Felicia rated it liked it Shelves: However, you can have a finite universe ega the topology of a 4-sphere but negative curvature. It is different from beginning to end, it just looks deceptively similar.


If hard-core science fiction is your thing, this is the book for you. Other bits of the book may be brilliant but that’s what makes it unique. Get Known if you don’t have an account.