Esta guía para,oyecto y la ejecución de micropilotes en obras de carretera forma parte de una serie de un documento de divulgación tecnológica elaborados. See details and download book: Ebookers Free Download Guia Para El Proyecto Y La Ejecucion De Micropilotes En Obras By Aavv Fb2. Cálculo de micropilotes de cimentación y dimensionado de su longitud, según guía del Ministerio de Fomento. ESFUERZOS Y REACCIONES. Cálculo de Viga .

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User Username Password Remember me. Ortega Universidad de Alicante, Spain. Cement grout for micropiles and soil anchors made with high blast furnace slag content cement can develop suitable mechanical strength and durability after hardening for a specified time. Guiw samples were extracted from the 1 cm thick disks.

Cylindrical vuia 10 cm in diameter and 15 cm high were moulded and then cut into disks 1 to 5 cm thick to study post-submersion water absorption and determine effective porosity.

Essential tool for analysis of Hygral behaviour and its relation to pore structure, Cem. Lastly, although the day strength was lower in the grouts prepared with cement containing a high proportion of blast furnace slag than in the portland cement grouts, most of the former group would comply with the requirements laid down in the applicable codes and standards.

Keywords Aggregate Characterization Composite Compressive strength Concrete Durability Mechanical properties Mortar Portland micrpilotes Waste treatment cement characterization compressive strength concrete corrosion durability fly ash mechanical properties microstructure mortar physical properties.

This research aimed to characterise durability-related properties and compressive strength in cement grout prepared with a commercial cement blended with blast furnace slag at different w: Moreover, the fact that in soil anchors and micropiles micrppilotes reinforcing steel is embedded in cement grout mixropilotes paste distinguishes these members from other civil engineering structures, where it is embedded in concrete.

These members, which transfer surface tensile stress to the undersoil 4consist essentially of a head and a free and a fixed anchor 45as shown in Figure 1 b.


Manuales de Ingeniería

Both cements were compliant with reference guide 24 minimum strength mircopilotes requirements Their day strength is, however, lower than observed for the portland cement grouts.

This finding was foreseeable, given the higher strength class of CEM I Contact us materconstrucc ietcc. This finding could have practical consequences, since the Spanish guide for designing and building soil anchors in road works 4for instance, stipulates that the cement grout used for anti-corrosion protection in contact with reinforcing steel i.

In the day specimens, the highest resistivity values were recorded for the CEM III grouts, a finding that concurred with earlier reports Other cylindrical specimens were cast to diameters of 10 and 15 cm and a height of 30 cm. Figure 7 shows the compressive strength findings for cylindrical and prismatic specimens made with both types of cement.

The Spanish guide for designing and building micropiles in road works 2 envisages w: This study, as noted earlier, aimed to analyse the behaviour of cement grout, not concrete.

micropilotes de hormigon armado pdf

Pastor Universidad de Alicante – Consulteco, S. The post-submersion absorption values were very similar in the day specimens for the two types of cement. Special foundations for buildings and civil works are becoming increasingly micropiloets in construction today. The legislation on soil anchors 45in turn, stipulates no specific geometry for the specimens to be used in compressive strength tests.

Most of the grouts prepared with slag-bearing cement meet the compressive strength requirements laid down in the various codes and standards for micropiles and soil anchors, whether measured on cm diameter, cm high cylindrical specimens or 4-cm square, cm deep prismatic specimens. Ortega Universidad de Alicante Spain. The findings also indicate that the w: Here it was determined in cement paste specimens using the Wenner four-point test 20 described in Spanish standard UNE This procedure has been used in the past for fly ash- and blast furnace micropikotes cement Three prismatic and two cylindrical specimens were tested per cement type and w: Compressive strength is the main parameter used by codes and standards 1 — 5 to ascertain whether a given type of cement is apt for use in soil anchors and micropiles.



The appearance of these cracks, in combination with a scantly refined early age pore network, might explain the high effective porosity values observed for the CEM III material. Corrosion and Chloride Transport; T4. Nonetheless, this indirect method for calculating the diffusion coefficient obviates the beneficial effect of the higher aluminate content in CEM III grout 15 on chloride resistance.

The measure of electrical resistivity of cement paste or concrete is an indirect method for determining its steady state chloride diffusion coefficient D s 20 The protocol for monitoring soil anchor construction laid down in the aforementioned guide 4 suggests that compressive strength should be determined gyia 7- gjia day grout. Post-submersion absorption furnishes information on the pore volume in a material.

This would mean that at very early ages, the microstructure micropilotew CEM III would be less refined than at older ages and the volume of pores accessible to water would be greater.

The main conclusions that can be drawn from the present findings are listed below. Moreover, strength gain in slag-blended cement is known to be slower micropilohes in portland cement 728requiring more time to reach comparable strength values.

The coefficient was calculated with Equation [ 2 ] below, proposed by Andrade et al. The Spanish guide for the design and construction of microoilotes anchors in road works 4 calls for a w: The results show that slag grout exhibits greater durability than the portland cement material and complies with the compressive strength requirements laid down in the respective codes.