Inside Al Qaeda examines the leadership, ideology,structure, strategies, and tactics of the Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror. ROHAN GUNARATNA. Rohan Gunaratna: Inside Al Qaeda. Global “Inside Al Qaeda” as the undoubtedly best popular book on Al Qaida, which I have read so far. Professor Rohan Gunaratna, the author of Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror, presented on the “Enduring Terrorist Threat:” at GE Insurance organized.

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It contains details about regional operations, personalities involved, finances, and the whole nine yards. Walt rated it really liked it Mar 28, Agatha Glowacki rated it liked it Feb 09, He is trying to pull the wool over your eyes by assaulting you with a laundry list of facts without any context the facts come so fast and furious gunaratha fell insidw of breath while you read it.

Besides of echoing Pakistani inner politics, Rashid leaning to the left, he has practically mixed up radical Islamism and Islamic conservatism with each other.

This is probably mostly due to the fact that these regions are not part of the main domain of Gunaratna’s interests and gujaratna. Global Network of Terror. This book was clearly well-researched.

Inside Al Qaeda: global network of terror – Rohan Gunaratna – Google Books

The first is constituted by alarmist accounts with strong religious and rightist political bias, which typically repeat Islamophobic narratives, guharatna to paint a picture of a “clash of civilizations”, and attempt to explain the threat of terrorism by interpreting terrorism and violence as something inherent in Islam, or at least in knside cultures of the regions that happen to coincide with the range of Islam.

But the nature of the typos in this edition was really bad. The vice president to take over for a short period, Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, later turned a radical Islamist and visited Mullah Omar in Taliban’s Afghanistan, but then he no longer had any official position in President Maskhadov’s government. Jun 02, Daniel Kan rated it liked it.


The discourse goes on blaming any pro-Western Muslim government for “fascism” or “dictatorship”, especially those, which are in fact democratic and moderate, like Turkey. Therefore it is obvious that all the “Chechen tales” of Afghanistan seem to refer to the Uzbeks, who were many in the Brigade, including Juma Lnside. Gunaratna touches this issue, although it seems to remain unclear to him, what the actual context was: Very well researched and written.

Especially in regard to Southeast Asia, Gunaratna’s book is the best in this genre that I have read, and I learned a lot of new details from it.

Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror

The most serious flaw is his obvious lack of insight in regard to certain regions, most of all to the Caucasus, and to lesser extent to the examples of Central Asia and the Balkans. Mar 04, Drury rated it it was ok. The strategy became most apparent when the Russian secret services armed and raised Chechen Islamists into rebellion against Dudayev and later against Aslan Maskhadov.

Gunaratna has failed to understand that Djokhar Dudayev was a secular nationalists, and the Islamists – including the Islamic Path Party – were both Dudayev’s opponents and also against the idea of an independent national state. It was as if the author had simply put together a bunch of stuff he had heard about Al Qaeda in the news over a period of a few years.

Jul 06, Sean Rife rated it really liked it. Parts of it reminded me of reading certain passages of the Old Testament: I made the executive decision late last night to give up on this book. That is the price that we pay for living in an open civilization.


And when he does try to push unreasonable conclusions, they don’t flow from his facts and don’t have any supporting citations despite the fact that the book has so many citations it reads like an academic paper.

Some of his arguments were weak, but it was very informative and useful. Felix Marwick rated it really liked it Mar 31, Here are some I book marked when I was actually reading in a place where I could book mark them not the bus on my daily commute, which is where I get a huge chunk of my daily reading time in: This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Whether “European intelligence agencies” reproduce it unconsciously or in the name of political interest is secondary compared with the devastating effect that this kind of myth-making has on true understanding of radical Islamist threat and terrorism – also in the Chechen context.

Nikki Vaughn rated it it was amazing Jan 25, Meanwhile, the actual independence movement maintained nationally inspired secular or Sufi character, with open pro-Western orientation.

Not a single one. Paperbackpages. Gunaratna is Sri Lankan, although he has later worked in several Asian and Western countries, and probably his background a South Asian a, from a small country has greatly contributed to his capability of taking distance to the myth-making prevailing in media.

The idea of an “exchange program” between the Taliban and the Chechen guerrillas is absurd. There was no writing in this book.

Good one at the time, just not as relevant anymore.