GURPS Autoduel was one of the first worldbooks ever published for the GURPS system – over ten years ago! Its post-apocalyptic world, based on the classic Car . A few things to make car-design easier and more Car-Warsish in GURPS Autoduel. In the 96 pages of GURPS Autoduel, you’ll find: Detailed vehicle design rules. Choose your own tires, engine, suspension, weapons, and accessories — to fit.

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The war was a scenario; that’s all.

Pyramid: GURPS Autoduel (2nd Edition) Designer’s Notes

The US Surgeon General has determined that burps Micros in sessions of longer than thirty minutes is harmful to your mental health. The book would focus on these vehicles, as these were what the characters would most likely face while adventuring. The well-presented background and the emphasis on role-playing rather than combat makes the GURPS Autoduel game much more than it first appears.

There’s also the Electronics and Area Knowledge skills added guurps this game that would be incorporated into future editions of the core rules. Science-wise, Gold Cross becomes massively successful, with rich people beating down their door to have clones made to cheat death. Status generally represents government or corporate positions.

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The world of the s may seem a grim place, but remember – your characters are NOT the people who stand in the welfare lines, collecting their checks, buying simulated food, watching their TVs, and living lives of quiet desperation. Copying this text to any other online system or BBS, or making more than one hardcopy, is strictly prohibited. In addition, because of the 3d6 curve, you have weird Murphy’s Rule effects.

It also has a few oddities born of the Car Wars game.

GURPS Autoduel

Largely deserted outside of cattle herders. There’s also special rules for “Cheap” weapons – lower cost, but gives a small penalty to hit. These are two key dates in Autoduel history, and we couldn’t change them. Granted, due to the 3d6 curve, you’re not as likely to lose control given decent skill and it’s likely to only be minor, like a skid or fishtail.


That they literally dripped with Denis Loubet artwork was the icing on the cake. The GURPS game is strong in game values Steve Jackson Games has always been strong in game valuesand the Car Wars game, the inspiration for Autoduel material, has been a very successful board game, so I wasn’t surprised to find lots of detailed rules for blowing cars, driver, passengers, innocent bystanders, and neighboring real estate into tiny bits.

GURPS Autoduel emphasizes that GURPS skills require specialization like you don’t just know guns, you have Guns pistols or whateverbut also gurs an additional small, -1 penalty to driving a new type of car or vehicle until you’re familiar with it. Aaron Allston Scott Haring. Local autoduellist clubs form, and often serve as local defense for communities that hold them, to say nothing of armed police cars. Named “Crusher” because he likes to ram lighter targets with his vehicles, and also because he knows board-chopping karate.

Gangs, cattle, and it recommends Badlands National Park. Autoduelling Many years before GURPS Vehicles terrified gamers and became infamous for its heavy math put in the service of making everything from steamboats to star cruisers, this book managed to its own vehicle design system in fourteen pages, covering cars, bikes, trikes, and tractor-trailers.

PI, peace officer, or investigative reporter. Characters attacking motorcycles may find a number of “hits” passing through the cycle and doing no damage Point Based allocate points to get skills, powers, etc. Though there are later articles in Autoduel Quarterly for “Dragons in Car Wars” and “Magic in Car Wars”, they’re extremely tongue-in-cheek and unofficial. Personal Equipment We get the requisite list of personal guns, many of which are just real weapons or have obvious real-life analogues MA2, AK, Uzi.

It notes duellists vurps take sponsors in the form of the Patron advantage, and fame is done through Reputation. In fact, the best overall designs will probably combine automatic weapons with HEAT shells. The Twin Cities ban in-city duelling, and are relatively well-off despite initially being hit hard by the Blight. Each section notes the quality of roads; autodyel are in bad enough shape to damage tires. Automatic weapons have lousy penetration, but aufoduel good for chipping away armor.


Floral Gulch survived due to the local military base, and Brickyard was nuked by terrorists “the crazed Jackson Memorial Commands” in And let’s not forget that Houston is no longer part of the United Aktoduel, so in they weren’t on speaking terms.

The loss of grain alcohol fuel and its expenditure in the Second Civil War means the US military is practically grounded, and can’t effectively maintain atuoduel. There’s limpet mines that are basically mass-produced shaped charges.

And if they did, the military would see to it that they didn’t own them for very long. The Southwest This has a very autodel West” sort of stereotype to it due to poor governmental control and heavy cycle gang activity, matched only by the heavy state patrols; both seem equally dangerous.

National parks, seafood, and tire chains.

Its post-apocalyptic world, based on the classic Car Wars boardgame, was a fan favorite as players faced a world devastated by war, famine and despair. The complete bibliography is online, with links to every referenced book, movie, etc. Either employed by a company, or a “gypsy” – that is, an independent trucker. Now a dictatorship with mandated Catholicism. If autodudl jettisoned it, what was left over would’ve been a watered-down gurrps of Vehicles.

New Tulsa is a new oil town built near the old ruins of Tulsa. The last page is numbered 84, but there’s a page pull out in the center of the book for a total of 96 pages. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Once again the rule of the road goes to the car with biggest guns. Some municipalities prohibit weapons entirely. In fact, most Army-style LAWs, which could knock at modern-day tanks, augoduel easily wreak havoc on a Hotshot.

Trying to ward off lasers is a bit hilarious, though, since most of those are vehicular and will burn right through your dorky little suit. We were asked by only two people during playtest, “What happened to the war?