GUSTAV AULÉN AND CHRISTUS VICTOR. In recent years, the theory of atonement known as Christus Victor (“Christ the victor”) has been both championed. Sep 5, Gustaf Aulen’s classic work, ‘Christus Victor’, has long been a standard text on the atonement. Aulen applies “history of ideas’ methodology to. The term Christus Victor comes from the title of Gustaf Aulén’s groundbreaking book 1st published in ’31 which drew attention to early Church understanding of.

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Man had been created by God that he might have life.

Christus Victor – Wikipedia

If men cannot do it, then God must do it. For before, I had not yet had any Lord, nor King, but had been held captive under the devil’s power, doomed to death, ensnared in sin and blindness He ends with saying that “The images are but popular helps for the understanding of the idea, It is the Idea itself which is primary”, which almost convinces me that C.

Gustaf Aulen Limited preview – The notion of the substitutional atonement as the substitutional subject or as “one-for-the-other” must be revisited apart from the Latin view of Anselm and of the Chgistus Orthodox.

In their view, the “divine opposition” is only apparent since the Father desires reconciliation with mankind and Jesus willingly offers himself as a penal substitute. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Nov 03, Harman rated it really liked it. Leave a Comment Your email address will not be published. He is able to see through the complex, symbolic, and loose language of theologians both ancient and modern and categorize and trace the theme of aluen into viftor groups: In fact, I really hope to properly review it and engage with some of the ideas elsewhere. One can never be sure of his salvation because it is entirely dependent on human’s subjective auleen psychological process: God is unable to justly forgive without satisfying the Law’s demands and since only a man can fulfill man’s obligations to the Law, Christ must become a man in order to keep the Law perfectly and then suffer the punishment intended for us at the hands of his Father.


This book is very good if you can get past the learning curve. If it merely gets the Gustf theory out it isn’t a total flop, but it still requires much qualification and correction.

His true manhood receives full emphasis.

The Latin view also isolates Christ death from the rest of his life as the atoning work. Mar 04, Graham Heslop rated it liked it. The Mennonite theologian J. Among the top five books I have ever read!

He was duped into thinking that Christ was but a higher form of angel. He was defeated in that he was unable to seduce Christ through temptation to sin. chriwtus

Christus Victor by Gustaf Aulén

Please try to keep recent events in historical perspective and add more gusaf related to non-recent events. Irenaeus has become a hero aulsn I look forward to further reading along the lines of the classic idea.

My dad said that, despite the unnecessary attack on forensic justification, he loved this book. Although written almost a century ago this work provided such a wonderful overview of the classic idea of the atonement that I was thrilled in the discoveries being made along the way.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. God, however, tricked the Devil into accepting Christ’s death as a ransom, for the Devil did not realize that Christ could not be held in the bonds of death. Since Satisfaction Theory arose from the penance based system of Anselm of Canterbury, its focus is on Law. Retrieved from ” https: In Anselm’s logical but revolutionary extension of penance theology, God is unable christu unwilling to pardon humanity without having his Kingship honored by a payment of blood later this would take the form of “penal substitution”, the Reformation idea that God’s justice, not his honor, is at stake in the Atonement.

This is certainly an important book but I think it is gustag on several accounts.

Enjoying God Blog

The Latin doctrine began from a very different starting point in understanding the work of Christ, namely the penitential system “It’s root idea is that man must make an offering or payment to satisfy God’s justice; this is the idea that is used to explain the work of Christ.

Thus, the atonement became a matter of subjective process. So much so that all other theories became reactions against this Latin type with the classic idea being largely forgotten.