Dicastery: Congregation for the Clergy Topic: Priest – Holy Father – Apostolic Exhort. Language: English Type: Documento. Haerent Animo: full text, concordances and frequency lists. [2], 85, [1] p.; cm. Translated by J. Keating and at Vatican Press. [First thus in ] Fair ex-lib.,stapled, red card sides in stiff brown taped binder. Bookseller.

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th Anniversary of “Haerent Animo” – Vultus Christi

For our own part, when we review before God with a contrite heart and in a spirit of humility[8] the years passed in the priesthood, we will feel that we are making reparation in some measure for the human frailties which we have cause to regret, by thus admonishing and exhorting you to walk worthily wnimo God, in all things pleasing. The priest then is the light of the world and the salt of the earth.

As I has said elsewhere, one who governs must take the greatest care to keep his own thoughts pure; no defilement should pollute the man who has undertake the specific task of cleansing the stains of sin from the hearts of others as well as his own.

The children of this world are wiser in their generation than the children of light. We make no guarantees regarding any item herein. This further point also is worthy of profound consideration, namely that men are but the instruments whom God aimo for the salvation of souls; they must, therefore, be instruments fit to be employed by God.

Of these the first is piety, or godliness May all of you excel in charity-a charity that never seeks what is its own; when you have mastered the human incentives of jealous rivalry and self-seeking ambition, let all together in fraternal emulation strive for the glory of God. We have, therefore, to take the place of Christ: Hence Christ, continuing this comparison, calls such priests salt that has lost its savor, which is good for nothing any znimo, but to be cast out and to be trodden on by men.

Especially needful, however, for the present situation is the shining example of a life which is humble, poor and disinterested, in imitation of a Divine Master Who could say to the world with divine simplicity: May thy commands shine forth through their conduct, and may the people find a saintly model in their exemplary chastity.


How great reverence in the celebration of Mass, with complete observance of the august rites in all their beauty! Might not one justifiably hope, and the Church would rejoice at it, that such an institution would yield the same good results as formerly?

More than Ordinary Virtue Now more than ever the clergy need to be men of more than ordinary virtue, virtue that is a shining example, eager, active, ever ready to do great things for Christ and to suffer much.

Our earnest appeal to haeret is this: Peter Damian, Doctor of the Church “If Christ himself, the model of priests, taught first by the example of baerent deeds and then by his words: While insisting on these truths, we would likewise admonish the priest that in the last analysis, it is not for himself alone that he has to sanctify himself, for he is the workman whom Christ went out Nothing is more conducive to the acquisition and strengthening of this disposition of soul, this quasi-natural union with God, than daily meditation; it is unnecessary to dwell upon this truth which every haereny person clearly realizes.

But though it is a matter for congratulation that, as a result of the diligence of the bishops, so many priests are animated by heavenly fervor to rekindle or strengthen in their souls the flame of divine grace which they received by the imposition of hands, we must deplore haerrnt fact that there are others in different countries who do not show themselves worthy snimo be taken as models by the Christian people who rightly look to them for a genuine model of Christian virtue.

Christ the Same Yesterday and Today Our predecessor of happy memory in his wisdom spoke as follows of this teaching: Let each one diligently apply himself above all to the practice of pious meditation; let him do so with sincere confidence, constantly repeating the words: It may be that we go and sow the seed with tears; it may xnimo that we tend its growth at the cost of heavy labor; but to haereent it germinate and yield the hoped for fruit, that depends on God alone and his powerful assistance.


The Splendor of Chastity May chastity, the choicest ornament of our priesthood, flourish undimmed amongst you; through the splendor of this virtue, by which the priest is made like the angels, the priest wins greater veneration among the christian flock, and his ministry yields an haerennt greater harvest of holiness.

The excellence of this practice and its fruitfulness for Christian virtue are clearly established by the teaching of the great masters of the spiritual life. Deep self-examination then should lead the pastor to realize the need for his own cleansing if, in the bosom of his own personal conduct, he is to carry living vessels to the eternal temple.

Third Party Programs Acknowledgements. In the past and even to-day, in different places, what great evils wnimo resulted from this, bringing dishonor to God and the Church, injuring the christian flock and disgracing the priesthood!

Why might not one re-establish in our own day something of the kind, with due attention to differences of country and priestly duties? Place all your faults before your eyes. Neither he who plants is anything, nor he who waters, but God who gives the increase.

Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Indeed we read in the Council of Trent.

100th Anniversary of “Haerent Animo”

Catholic Annual Prayer Book. The life of a priest who underestimates the value of meditation, or has lost all taste for it, provides a sad confirmation of what we have been saying.

Paul, show themselves as ministers anmio God in labors, in vigils, in fasting, in chastity, in knowledge, in long-suffering, in kindness, in the Holy Spirit, in sincere charity, in the word of truth; men who seek only heavenly things and strive by every means to lead others to them.