The Maps of Antarctica. Excerpts from “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings” Charles Hapgood performed a detailed analysis of this map. He worked with students. Charles Hapgood s classic book on ancient maps is back in print after 20 years. Hapgood produces concrete evidence of an advanced worldwide. MAPS OF THE ANCIENT SEA KINGS. by Charles Hapgood. Rare and ancient maps reveal a new history of mankind in Charles Hapgood’s classic – back in print.

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Return to Book Page. Hapgood is a brilliant college professor, and his writing shows that. Hapgood analyzes this map in great detail but the one fact that makes it most notewort Hapgood’s “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings” may be known mostly for publicizing the existence of what is commonly called the Piri Reis Map, but as the first word in the title suggests there are many ancient maps evidencing knowledge we once believed was discovered more recently.

He claimed some of the source maps were dated from the time of Alexander the Great.

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age

May 12, Qazyman rated it liked it. Some people are willing to die to print the truth.

Jesus’ attempt to restore the tradition of monarchy and good government, though the Grail Code. Mar 29, Nana is currently reading it.

The establishment of the first church in Britain in AD Needless to say, as their findings could not be refuted by mainstream academia, their findings were simply ignored, given that they clashed with the established beliefs of the academics. And in due course came across this book. Hapgood himself comments that if hapogod was the only evidence we had that the ancients had mapped Ancien it would be questionable. Mar 09, Scott Roberts rated it it was amazing. While at Springfield College, a student’s question about the Lost Continent of Mu prompted a class project to investigate the lost continent of Atlantisleading Hapgood to investigate possible ways that massive earth changes could occur and exposing him to the literature of Hugh Auchincloss Brown.


Mar 17, Amanda at Nerdification Reviews rated it liked it Shelves: Scientific analysis of megalithic kingss confirm observational astronomy c2, BC. A must for any historians library. A thoughtful analysis of an apparently anachronistic map. These are pretty amazing claims. Was it mapped while the ice caps were in place? Given that the author of this map himself claimed to have based this map, not on his own surveying skills, but zea on ancient maps going back to the ‘s and earlier, serious questions about the development of navigation as we currently understand it.

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings

Leader of the Shining Ones. Excellent material, good reproductions of ancient maps. Hapgood writes in Voices of Spirit The reproductions in here are nice to have and there is plenty of information, but its pretty dry.

According to historians Paul Hoye and Paul Lunde, while Hapgood’s work garnered some enthusiasm and praise for its thoroughness, his revolutionary hypotheses largely met with skepticism and were ignored by most scholars. Charles Hapgood and his team converted this map from its current projection method into a modern projection method.


It takes some time to get to the “meat” of the theory that the title relates to, but this is not a sensationalistic book. Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age.

Aug 31, Michelle Snyder rated it it was amazing. Keep in mind that this projection method is different than those that you are used to seeing today.

I Read this book because I wanted a more scientific look at the evidence surrounding an ancient civilization, and Hapgood does provides this. He has found the evidence in many beautiful maps hapgold known to scholars, the Piri Reis Map that shows Antarctica, the Hadji Ahmed map, the Oronteus Finaeus and other amazing maps. He was struck by a car in Greenfield, Massachusettsand died on December 21, Hapgood analyzes this map in great detail but the one fact that makes it most noteworthy is the detailed depiction of western Antarctica centuries before anyone in modern times knew the continent existed.

This first image is simply the map as it was drawn by Oronteus Finaeus. Key book to get wide background on pre-historic civilizations.