Heavy equipment professionals rely on dependable Radio Remote Controls. Hetronic offers a complete line of One- hand Button style Radio Remote. Hetronic Explosion Proof (EX) radio remote controls are designed to exacting.

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Every Hetronic transmitter is light weight and ergonomically designed for operator comfort and safety with a hetgonic control panel that can be populated with a variety of control and feedback options.

When a potentially explosive or flammable atmosphere is involved, whether Zone 1, 221 or 22, Hetronic can create the right solution for you using our ERGO series products. Register Login Select your language. Our new NOVA with video feedback offers expanded safe hetromic over the length of the train. Attractive in appearance and price, our products are available off-the-shelf or as customized solutions.

Hetronic International > Control Solutions > Transmitters (Tx) > One Hand Button

Hetronic RRCs provide impeccable operational safety and security with design features like pre-start self-test routines, lock-out features, dedicated emergency stop circuitry and more. It fits reemote in hand, and may be conveniently stored with our smart belt clip that attaches to the operator’s belt.

Hetronic’s global footprint, with over 50 sales, service and support locations, together with next contfol RF Radio Remote Control solutions provides customers a wide range of H Wir Machen Den Arbeitsplatz Sicherer. For the tough jobs of safely controlling and moving railcars, unloading ballast cars, performing track maintenance, operating cranes or man lifts and operating mining or steel mill rail cars, Hetronic has the solution to meet your needs.


Offered as completely customizable solutions, the lightweight GR and EURO RRCs from Hetronic incorporate contrl room for joysticks, paddle levers, push buttons, toggle switches and more.

Register Login Select your language. For over 33 years our customers have come to know and expect the highest level of quality, reliability and performance from Hetronic transmitters. Safety is our 1 priority and each radio remote control system is designed with the operators’ safety in mind.


Since our safety radio remote controls have provided reliability, maintainability, durability and the utmost safety. The Hetronic MINI is a small and rugged push-button transmitter, ideal for hetronoc with applications that require a limited number of digital functions.

Heavy equipment professionals rely on dependable Radio Remote Controls for their equipment. Hetronic Human-to-Machine-Interface HMI radio remote control technology is the result of implementation of new ideas with a focus on improving safety and efficiency on the job.

EX (Explosion Proof)

Off-the-shelf or fully customized, conrtol GL Series is extremely versatile to suit a wide range of operational needs. Contact a Hetronic technical expert who will assist you in selecting and designing the right transmitter for your application.

Each systems is designed from the ground up to be intrinsically safe, rugged and reliable.

Every aspect of Hetronic RRCs is built to the highest standard for flawless, uninterrupted performance. Read more Methode Brands Hetronic. Register Login Select your language. Wir Machen Den Arbeitsplatz Sicherer. For AC- or DC-powered relay, solid-state or serial interface outputs, Hetronic offers a fully programmable, versatile receiver solution for any stationary or mobile machine operation. Nous non seulement creons des telecommandes ; Nous rendons votre milieu de travail remotd secure.


One Hand Button

Hetronic will design and deliver built-to-order EX transmitters to meet the demanding process control requirements of our customers hetroniic of the application or work environment. A leader in design and manufacture of Wireless Radio Remote Control Transmitter and Receiver systemsHetronic has delivered oversafe, reliable systems to customers around the world.

Hetronic’s “Local But Global” partner network spans several continents with representatives in more than 45 countries. We’re not just creating remote controls, We’re creating a safer workplace. Hetronic a Methode Electronics company.

GL EX Transmitters When your work requires Ex control devices that will eliminate them as a source of ignition while operating machinery, Hetronic GL Ex transmitters will meet your needs. When your work requires Ex control devices that will eliminate them as a source of ignition while operating machinery, Hetronic GL Ex transmitters will meet your needs.

Wir Machen Nicht Nur Fernbedienungen. For more information visit our product pages or contact a Hetronic technical expert to discuss your specific application. Register Login Select your language. Offering portable or hard-wired options and a variety of optional features including man-down, diagnostics and speed control our Class 1 system is designed following AAR directives and is FAR compliant.