The Spear of Destiny has ratings and 36 reviews. Cwn_annwn_13 said: Book that claims Hitler was a satan worshipper who acquired a magic spear that wa. : Hitler: la conspiración de las tinieblas () and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at. : Hitler la conspiracion de las tinieblas: Trad. José Manuel Pomares. Ilustrado. Cartoné páginas.

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Premise is that Hitler succumbed to the dark ethereal entities that possessed him Exorcist possession in order to obtain a very potent metaphysical weapon Spear of Destiny that can bring joy and prosperity when wielded by those with pure heart and mayhem and utter destruction when used by dark and evil entities.

Anyone fasicnated by non-mainstream viewpoints. All of these occult elements make for fascinating topics, and only near the end of the book does Ravenscroft really tie it all together by introducing the work of Rudolf Steiner into the equation.

Dec 14, Jon rated it did not like it. The one thing I would note is the general acceptance of overt objects for underlying spiritual content tends to be misleading especially how it has been picked up in popular culture- for instance, when the cup of Christ is mistaken for the grail when Christ himself is the grail and not so much in the physical sense but in a more literal spiritual sense not withstanding the origins of grail lore in pre-Christian European antiquity.

Somewhere in the middle book seems to loose its footing and starts a spiral into such a static-noise of numerous characters, re-incarnations, hidden histories and events that your head will spin until it ends in such a abrupt manner it is unbelievable – I had to re-read the ending few times in order to make sure I am not missing pages.

Nemirovitch-Dantchanko to give a warning that the man who was even now preparing to assume the leadership of Thule would prove himself to be a false prophet. When he came to power inthe spear was in a museum in Vienna. I would give the book 5 stars, but the writing of the edition I own is terrible and should have been heavily edited before going to print. Basically, this means that most of the presented information about Hitler’s occult activities rely on the author’s 30 year old recollections of conversations with someone who in turn was also relying on year recollections of conversations with a young Hitler.


The dumbest thing about conspiracy theories is that they undermine and diminish our appreciation of the already horrible true aspects of society This book can serve as a decent starting point for the real of nazi occultism. At another, he seems to forget the name of Adolf Eichmann.

Nuremberg was the center of Nazi culture and a meeting place of the Thule Gesellschaft, a secret society in which Hitler held a place of leadership and a part of Heinrich Himmler’s Occult Bureau.

Assuming total power over the nation, he would be responsible one day for reducing the whole of Germany to rubble and its people to a defeat and moreal degradation hitherto unknown to history. The author of this book has a different take on topic. To ask other readers questions about The Spear of Destinyplease sign up.

He maintains that Hitler was the reincarnation of an evil political minister from 1, years earlier and tinnieblas motivat In order to explain the otherwise unfathomable rise to power of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis, mainstream historians devised the phrase “the banality of evil. Open Preview See a Problem?

This book conspiraciom you of a hidden history of occult manipulation and control of power since times of the roman empire. I hadn’t noticed the disguise, maybe It’s about Hitler’s early life, his occult aspirations, and his pursuit of the actual spear-head which supposedly pierced the side of Christ’s side This is a great book wether you believe the story or not.

This book is more or less a bunch of made up bs. I laz know what else to say.

tlnieblas His main source here is anecdotal evidence from Walter Johannes Stein, an A This book concerns much of the myth and legendry surrounding the Spear which allegedly pierced Jesus Christ’s side when he was on the cross, and in particular Adolf Hitler’s obsession with it with several asides on Nazi Occultism in general and where it came from. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


The Spear of Destiny

Make of that what you will. Absolutely loved this book. Refresh and try again. When you look into this this is same story as This one is a really really weird book.

Hitler: la conspiración de las tinieblas – Trevor Ravenscroft – Google Books

Rozier rated it really liked it. Power hungry people have always organized themselves into secret societies and flirted with “forbidden” knowledge. The author provides plenty of historical references and quotations. However, that does not negate the fact that I read this book in the early 80’s. I do not know truth be told.

Sep 16, Vin rated it liked it Recommends it for: If you like the occult. I mean, if the true insane conspiracy and historical horror can be equated to a silly supernatural fantasy conspiracy, then a person can deny one as easily as the other. Apparently the Nazis were all hot to possess it.

Most of it is about Hitler’s life before he became the leader of the Third Reich. Even if we dismiss some of the claims that are more difficult to substantiate, the occult practices of the Nazis are well documented and were effective.

And did anyone know it’s currently on htler in Austria? Hitler, and just about everyone else in the book, turns out to be a reincarnation of a figure from the original Grail mythos, and the Spear is the true Grail.