The Most Holy Trinosophia of the Comte de St. Germain (English and French Edition) [Comte De Saint-Germain, Manly P. Hall] on *FREE*. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. This is the only book attributed to the mysterious, supposedly immortal Comte St. Germain. The Trinosophia is an allegorical. THE RAREST OF OCCULT MANUSCRIPTS. PART THREE. PARALLEL FRENCH AND ENGLISH TEXT OF. THE MOST HOLY TRINOSOPHIA. PART FOUR.

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From such fragments of the Rosicrucian lore as now exists, it is evident that the Brethren of the Rose Cross were especially addicted to these three forms of the ancient wisdom, and chose the symbols of these schools as the vehicles of their ideas.

The Comte’s fund of knowledge, the skill with, which he assembled his facts to the amusement and edification of his audiences, the mystery which surrounded his appearances and disappearances, his consummate skill both as a critic and technician in the arts and sciences, to say nothing of his jewels and wealth, endeared him to the king.

Homer refers to the Golden Chain by which the gods conspired to bind the earth to the pinnacle of Olympus. A lighted torch stood beside it, shining like the sun; hovering above it was a bird with black feet, silvery body, a red head, black wings and a golden neck. The strange circumstances connected with his passing lead us to suspect that is was a mock funeral similar to that given the English adept, Lord Bacon.

France as Kingdom, Republic, Empire, and mixed Govemment will be tormented, agitated, tom. A venerable old man came forth clad in a robe like mine, except that a golden sun shone on his breast. Le feu de ma lampe quelques pieces de moimaies et peu de subsubstances chimiques echappees aux regards scmtateurs de mes bourreaux ont produit les couleurs qui ornent ce fruit des loisirs d’un prisonnier.

This trinsoophia is not for amateurs. He made use of neither bank nor banker yet moved in a sphere of unlimited credit, which was neither questioned by others nor abused by himself. Each of these communities or brotherhoods of the enhghtened devised its own code.

The Most Holy Trinosophia – Wikipedia

There is a forking of the ways of knowledge at which practice diverges from theory. The popular belief that Comte de St. He was on familiar and intimate terms with the crowned heads of Europe and the honoured friend of many distinguished persons of all nationalities.


But he showed me other wonders — a large quantity of jewels and colored diamonds of extraordinary size and perfection. Au centre de I’edifice etait une figure d’homme, elle sortait d’un tombeau sa main appuyee sur une lance frappait le pierre qui la renfermait autrefois, une draperie verte, ceignit ses reins I’or brillait au bas de son vetement sur sa poitrine etait une table quarree, sur laquelle je distinguai quelques lettres. This page was last edited on 20 Novemberat His smile showed magnificent teeth, a pretty.

Forty columns of fire ornamented the hall in which I found myself. The archaic characters and the hieroglyphics reveal minor imperfections of formation due to the copyist being unfamiliar with the alphabets employed. I must first of all present thee to my brothers. She records a conversation which took place between la Pompadour and St.

I crossed the place, and mounting on a marble platform which was before me, I noticed with astonishment that I had re-entered the hall of Thrones the first in which I had found myself when entering the Palace of Wisdom.

The first tier of columns was white, the second black, the third green and the last one a brilliant red.

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At that period the simpler methods of concealment were in vogue, one of which was to drop certain letters from words in such a manner that the remaining letters still formed a word which, however, conveyed an entirely different sense.

He who is perfect is of the greatest use to others, the greatest good to himself and the most acceptable offering to the Most High. Vowels are often omitted, and at times several letters are missing with merely dots to indicate their number.

A star shone on his forehead; his trinosophis were enclosed in black buskins. I am Cassandra, prophet of evil. The arrangement of these symbols and processes differs in minor degree among the various writers, but the principle is always the same — the tran mutation of the not-Self into the Self; the tincturing of the outer Ufe with the inner grace; the projection of soul upon its physical environment; the sublimation of ho,y into good; the multiplication of beauty, love, and trinosopphia until finally the powder of projection wisdom shall tincture the whole world.


It did not move, however, but its eyes began to shine hke topaz. What occurred to his priceless collection of paintings and jewels after his death or disappearance is unknown.

Until we recognize the reality of the occult forces at work in every-day life, we cannot grasp the significance of either the man or his work.

The Most Holy Trinosophia

The sound which I had heard when striking the altar repeated itself as if a thousand blows had been struck at the same time. By something akin to telepathy this remarkable person was able to feel when his presence was trionsophia in some distant city or state. A golden ball topped the edifice. Bereft of all adornment, stripped of all insignia of rank and power, he may bring to the temple nothing that he has — only trinoaophia which he is.

He is said to have had a most important private conference with the Empress of Russia in or and to have appeared to the Princess de Lambelle when she stood trinosoohia the tribunal, a few minutes before she was struck down with a billet, and a butcher-boy cut off her head; and trinosophka Jeanne Dubarry, the mistress of Louis XV as she waited on her scaffold at Paris the stroke of the guillotine in the Days of Terror of He is generally regarded as an important figure in the early activities of the Freemasons.

Having arrived at Tournay, Casanova was surprised to see some grooms walking spirited horses up and down.

He thereupon gave me the phial and the pin and I myself pricked the wax, when, lo, the phial was empty. Until we recognize the reality of the occult forces at work in every-day life, we cannot grasp the significance of either the man or his work.

For a long time I walked within the conflagration.

My torturers upon entering my cell will find it empty and, soon purified by the four elements, pure as the genius of fire, I shall resume the glorious station to which Trinksophia goodness has raised me.