Full text of “Home-built claymore mines: a blueprint for survival” C A Recipe for Survival Homemade Grenade Launchers: Constructing the Ultimate Hobby. : Home-Built Claymore Mines: A Blueprint For Survival ( ) by Ragnar Benson and a great selection of similar New, Used and. In this book Ragnar Benson shows you how to make your own claymore mines, which are practical if assembled correctly and fairly easy to build from readily.

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This is not a text pertaining to proper use and handling of high explosives. Turn the clamp handle, compressing the Plexiglass so that it buckles evenly in the center until it just touches the center support of the clamp. Bluepgint can and must home- anneal these fragments in order to soften them to acceptable levels. Books by Ragnar Benson. Some systems are closer to antiarmor devices than antipersonnel-type claymores. Claymore mines oper- ate on principles that are close relatives to those of the Munroe shaped charges.

My recommendation is not to build a complete armed claymore with explosives packed into the device except under circum- stances of extreme duress. Called “Hi- drive,” percent dynamite operates at between 21, and surivval, feet per second.


No trivia or quizzes yet. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Home-biilt this, place two 2-inch-wide strips of good- quality, relatively fresh duct tape, sticky side forward.

Gently pull away the duct tape, leaving the epoxied fragment mass clear of any tape or Plexi- glass. Take great care to camouflage and hide electrical deto- nation wires, as well as the device itself. This particular material has the added advantage of enhancing the explosive as well as properly channeling and directing the shaped-charge effect. Generally, claymore mines are thought of as relatively small, light, hime-built coun- ters against unfriendly personnel. Use duct tape to bind up the package.

By early summer of miness, the team had a good working prototype that met most mili- tary specs. Common percent dynamite detonates at 19, fps and is unsuitable for use in clay- mores. This includes many paramilitary-type devices produced by insurgents in places as diverse as Vietnam, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru, and Northern California.


In spite of the fact that claymore mines are very simple and very common, there surviva, very little infor- mation on the basic operating theories out on the market.

Home-Built Claymore Mines: A Blueprint For Survival – Ragnar Benson

Ripple effect on ground in front of detonated device is obvious where fragments fired straight ahead. If the devices det- onate in a raggedy, uneven fashion, experi- ence suggests that the intended targets will often drop to skrvival ground, effectively avoiding any secondary salvos.

Past problems notwithstanding, this new Paladin book proved that homemade direc- tional mines are practical if put together cor- rectly.

As previously mentioned, this must include commercial detonation using electrical dynamite caps. An epoxy material called Devcon Survivla Steel is used to bond the fragments and enhance the explosive. In either case, Plexiglass sudvival be pur- chased easily and inexpensively at virtually any local glass shop.

Claymores are especially difficult for an attacker to deal with since they do not disclose the user’s position when detonated. Take the double-stick bluepprint off the face of the mold, and peel the pressure-sensi- tive paper from the concave side. Aerojet Corporation in Azusa, California, had a team of proven rocket- explosives- and munitions-development specialists who believed they could meet the requirements as set out by Picatinny.

Do not leave gaps or spaces, particularly at the edges.

However, numerous federal and state laws preclude the legal pur- chase and ownership of commercial clay- more mines. Cover all of the fragments to the same depth. After the explosives are molded to the fragments as perfectly as possible, transfer the plastic mold from the front to the rear of the device.

But all of these evolved gradually and generally represented improvements to exist- ing systems. Twigs even the size of a woman’s little finger will deflect fragments erratical- ly. Heat very gently so the plastic retains its shape in a cord.

Remove from the clamp. At the same time, Canadian munitions experts — similarly motivated by their expe- rience in Korea — began work on a device they called the “Phoenix. The target will be covered by Home-built clay- more deployed and ready for testing.


Home Built Claymore Mines: A Blueprint For Survival

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Annealing is accomplished by placing about a gallon of charcoal briquettes in a small cast-iron pot, skillet, hibachi, or tight barbecue grill. There are a few remaining supplies to be found, but in all cases they are much sim- pler and cheaper than Devcon Plastic Steel.

American manufacturers found that markets in which they formerly en- joyed a monopoly were now characterized by competition. View of silhouette targets from rear graphically demonstrates fragment strikes. Their principal constraint involves their high cost — about 20 cents each.

Full text of “Home-built claymore mines : a blueprint for survival”

Even using Hi-drive, there is some loss clwymore velocity and range. We have Paladin Press to thank for pub- lishing its carefully researched book on the history and development of claymore mines.

Deployments Common mercury light switches can be used as rocker switches in vehicles that deto- nate upon going uphill or hitting a bump. Schardin was joined bluepritn a mysterious Hungarian scientist named Misznay. From it we learned that they are also reasonably simple to assemble from existing over-the-counter supplies.

It claymorw the very beginnings of “Star Wars” technology, though no one used that terminology at the time. Prestigious armament encyclopedias often completely ignore both the history and operating principles of claymores.

In this case, both jaws of the spring-loaded 49 Home- Built Claymore Mines clothespin are held back by the fish-line trip wire. For private citizens, claymores are simply too expensive to deploy in large quantity or indiscriminately mnies the 50 Deployments area with only trip wires around them.

Jane ‘s does not mention them at all in its volume on small arms, and Brassey’s includes only a superficial reference. C-4 mined at a velocity of 26, fps.