operating procedures and other information on labels and in this manual. This information .. equipment) when connecting two EUis generators for parallel. Rights Reserved. See page 83 for. Initial Use Instructions. GENERATOR. EUi operating procedures and other information on labels and in this manual. View and Download Honda EUis owner’s manual online. EUis Read and understand this owner’s manual before operating your generator. You can.

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Faulty appliances or power cords can create a potential for electrical shock. Page 25 For continuous operation, do not exceed the rated power.

Measure the spark plug electrode gap with a wire-type feeler gauge. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Page 42 Afterburning backfiring. Cooling holes are located on the side panel, the control panel, and the bottom of the generator. You can be burned or seriously injured when handling fuel.

Honda EU3000is Owner’s Manual

Remove the three 5 mm bolts, and remove the exhaust tail pipe and the spark arrester. Reinstall the filter, O-ring, and sediment cup. Discard it if the insulator is cracked or chipped. Remove the four 6 mm cap nuts and the front cover.

Turn the engine switch to the OFF position. Service more frequently when used in dusty areas. Page 38 Manual starting: Honda Publications Shop Manual This manual covers complete maintenance and overhaul procedures.


eu3000ie It is intended to be used by a skilled technician. The battery gives off explosive gasses; keep sparks, flames and cigarettes away from the battery while charging. Disconnecting The Battery Charging Cable If this happens, wait a few minutes before pushing in the circuit protector button to resume operation. Fuel should flow generator dealer. Enter text from picture: A very rich mixture will also foul the spark plug and cause hard starting. Don’t show me this message again. Drain the fuel sediment cup see page For continuous operation, do not exceed the rated power.

Page 2 The information and specifications included in this publication were in effect at the time of approval for printing. Do not fill above the maximum fuel level.

Turn the fuel valve ON and check for leaks.


Maintenance Schedule Replace the paper air filter only. A lead acid battery self discharges at a rate of 0. Rated power in parallel operation is: Plug in the appliance.

Use a brush to remove carbon deposits from the spark arrester screen. Honda EUis Owner’s Manual 96 pages. Refuel carefully to avoid spilling fuel. If the generator is only used erio J ically, the battery must be charged monthly to maintain attery service life. Place a suitable container below the engine to catch the oil, then remove the drain plug and sealing washer, remove the oil filler cap, and drain the oil. Do not lay the generator on its side when moving, storing, or operating it.

Page 10 Electric Shock Hazards The generator produces enough electric power to cause a serious shock or electrocution if misused. These items should be serviced by an authorized Honda generator dealer, unless the owner has the proper tools and is mechanically proficient. Unplug appliances from the generator receptacles.


See the Honda Shop Manual. The engine will smoke during initial startup if too much oil is left in the foam air filter. The battery is rated at 8Ah ampere-hours. To stop the engine in an emergency, turn the engine switch to the OFF position. Remove the fuse holder cover and replace the fuse. Page 26 For continuous operation, do not exceed the rated power.

Maintenance Safety Remember that your servicing dealer knows your generator best and is fully equipped to maintain and repair it. Storage Procedure Drain the carburetor and the fuel sediment cup.

We want to help you get the best results from your new generator and to operate it safely. Iwners is highly flammable and explosive.

Install the lower muffler protector, the rear under plate and the rear handle in the reverse order of removal. Generator Use Honda generator dealers. Appliance and power tool manufacturers usually list rating information near the model number or serial number.