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It have big priority for me at this moment. How you want to control this network without this interface? Strange, your log looks perfect.

This is very nice! Beside, longer packets have a higher propability to get lost over the air.

I dont know if “Hi Jdobri” is correct ; ok, ive downloaded the OpenHRrev and started to play with it I was not abble to find any library for lightweight XY grapg. Each client will have to register with the server. Greets from Munich, Mario PS: I2C have some problems.

What is the CRT? I too figured bedienungsanleituung a problem rrondostat loss of pulses. In my case it is solved. Regarding your compiler question: It has the ability to get and set the timer slots now. Report problems and errors please.

Heizungssteuerung mit Honeywell HR20 –

When one of station is offline it is not problem. You have been right, the pins for TWI are not routet out, I did look at the wrong port. Now I took a HR20 with newest firmware on my desk and waited until the real temperature reading stabilized to Where is your position where valve start opening?


To correct problems like this or workon them, I first have to understand the code and function of the controller better. But till now I was not have any accident from this, because we are use 15 second average for temperature controler.

I want to use the wireless HR20s a bit differently then you. This bus is not protected to noise and cables will be too long. No fundamental discussions about “who is interested in controlling my valves? These are the plans, I hope to find the time for it.

Alternate SW you can drive directly via serial line; you don’t need connect wires to encoder It can work only on one encoder position bedienungdanleitung you know PS: I would be better.

Connection RFM to ATmega h-20e have only by 2 ways and both is similar, can be changed by compile option different is only signal names.

Heizungssteuerung mit Honeywell HR20

Also, it takes 3 wire SPI instead of 4. If not, I would design one and hr-02e some PCBs From my side exist only small chance to do something till Xmas I am quite busy. But it never happen. In this context, could somebody give me a little explanation in how the calibration of the Motor travel works.

Further work is required. I have solved my problem of the recirculation temperature see Post on: Can you give me an SVN-Account for the project? This works for me in a reasonable way It is possible use bootloader to flash this device.


You can get it by command “T08” and absolute valve honejwell command “T09”.

OpenHR Firmware for Honeywell Rondostat HR20E –

Thanks a lot, Robert. It is buggy and sometimes lost some request. I will change default value. You saied, that radio packets MUST be short. Which Amtel chip does the rondostat have? Another thing is that avr-gcc is working internally like bwdienungsanleitung virtual 16bit machine and treating with 8bit values is defined specially.

Which website can someone find celebrex online. I would say bad programming if you can only get real-time response in a few ms. However, given similar size, its antenna may be not as efficient as a 2.

Next thing I already started is the wireless remote control of most of the internal and external lights rondsotat also some other electronic devices, all with the same RFM12 receivers MHz in my case.