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public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { tory(). setAttribute(“”. Fields inherited from class ement .. Parameters: file – the file to save to; Throws: IOException – if an IO error occurs. HtmlUnit. Java GUI-Less browser, supporting JavaScript, to run against web pages. Brought to getPage(request); (new File(path));.

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HtmlImage All Implemented Interfaces: By using sqve site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. This acceptance can be revoked via email to info innoq. Moreover, casting is needed to convert the provided objects into the appropriate type.

Java Code: How to save HtmlUnit cookies to a file?

This method returns the page contained by this image’s window after the click, which may or may not be the same as the original page, depending on JavaScript event handlers, etc. Page ; import com. OK, so you DO want the images after all. Other libraries like Selenium might be an alternative where a GUI is needed.

These logs can be configured by using a logging framework e. If CSS is disabledthis method does not take this element’s style into consideration!

HtmlForm ; import com. HtmlUnit is used for testing, web scraping, and is the basis for other savd. Java automation to Login to website. Returns the image’s actual width not the image’s width attribute.


Unfortunately, the getByXPath method provides a list of objects. This method implements the control state update part of the click action. Returns the ImageReader which can be used to read the image contained by this image element.

Comments Please accept our cookie agreement to see full comments functionality. The constructor demonstrates how a certain mobile hardware can be simulated. A detailed tutorial is available. HashMap ; import java. Technically, it is either possible to use the element.

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More information how to use Selenium can be found here. Its major use case is testing websites.

There’s an error message to that effect in its output. Optional ; import java. But that’s an easy fix. Based on the above observations, the following comparison table can be derived X supported, – not supported, L limited. Note that the visit method does not currently do that.

Note that that particular web site also has an uncommon extension “. ChromeDriver ; import org. I had already mentioned where to find example code for that.

Web Scraping

Optional by ui4j replaces checks against null by Optional. Returns the value of the attribute longdesc.

To do so, replace your X-Server with Xvfb. This process will remain the same as long as the image is in the resulting HtmlPage generated from the servlet output. This is needed to handle some special IE behavior. See here and here for the discussion which lead up to this method.


java – Save image from url with HTMLUnit – Stack Overflow

The actual code starts when the webClient. Intended to be overridden by nodes which need to perform custom logic when they are added to a page. If the image has not already been downloaded and downloadIfNeeded is truethis method triggers a download and caches the image.

In the case of HtmlUnita special ProxyConfig object needs to be configured so that the setting is taken into account.

ExpectedConditions ; import org. This method may be called multiple times, but will only attempt to execute the onload or onerror handler the first time it is invoked.

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Can not get images where save page

There are several search criteria represented by the By object e. Map ; import java. Add the following Maven dependency:.