INTRODUCTION TO A THEOLOGY OF LIBERATION. Teología de la Liberación. By Hugo Assmann. Montevideo, Uruguay. Centro de Documentación. View the profiles of people named Hugo Assman. Join Facebook to connect with Hugo Assman and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. Contemporaneous with Gutiérrez’s Teología de la liberación was Hugo Assman’s Opresión-Liberación: Desafío a los cristianos () which later on developed.

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Um ensaio on economics and theology.

Ordained priest, he received his doctorate in theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. Margaret Thatcher has highly praised him and his work. For Hinkelammert, that was the insight of Hegel, Feuerbach, and Marx. The social democracies tend to stagnate, since their spiritual ideal is security.

Hugo Assmann — was a Brazilian Catholic theologian who developed important work after the Second Vatican Council. My opportunity to study with Franz came with my second sabbatical in His work has a strongly interdisciplinary and ecumenical character, transitioning between economics, social sciences, communication and pedagogy.

Franz illustrates his idea by pointing out that assmman are not at all merely the province of starry-eyed idealists. His reflection was not focused on dogmatic questions, but from the practices of liberation. From that viewpoint concentrating on logical inconsistencies or falsehoods in arguments divorced from the unexamined socio-economic matrix of capitalism only serves to normalize what should be completely unacceptable to human beings.

Like most intellectuals, especially in Catholic countries, they are biased asdman it. The subsequent installation of a brutal dictatorship under General Augusto Pinochetmade Chile extremely dangerous for people like Hinkelammert.


Laub-Novak died in Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Out of the frying pan into the fire.

So it was also among democrats in South Korea in the early s. Each democratic capitalist system is unique. Franz Hinkelammert is a German economist and theologian. This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it. His selection as recipient of the Templeton Prize hugp Progress in Religion capped a career of leadership in theological and philosophical discourse.

During this period his work has developed around the Theology of Development through the Seminary magazine.

In he was named the George Hufo Jewett Chair in religion and public policy. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He is considered one of the pioneers of liberation theology in Brazil.

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Latin America desperately needs a capitalist revolution, from the bottom up. Some will point to Sweden or West Germany, or even Canada.

As opposition to nuclear weapons swept the Hugoo world in the early s, Novak demurred, citing the need for fundamental change in Soviet politics as the only sure way to reduce the danger of nuclear war.

The Human Being as Subject. A genuinely capitalist system would open up the economy, introduce fair competition, and make it possible for those previously excluded to rise as far as their talents take them. It need not be like North America. Theologie im Kontext der Befreiung. Oh, some liberation theologians will still speak about democratic socialism or social democracy.


During the workshop, Franz, Pablo Richard, and fellow Chilean, Helio Gallardo were the principal presenters and discussion leaders. Recall that I had encountered his latest work while in Brazil.

Hugo Assmann

So, the revolt against socialism in Eastern Europe is another nail in the coffin of the idea of socialism. And in terms of the topic at hand that was because I was coming from the world-centric perspective of liberation theology, while their standpoint was almost exclusively ethnocentric.

For them, the United States could do no wrong, and the Bible was to be taken at face value. This center would be one of the leading producers and trainers of Liberation Theology. Marx in particular was a humanist who saw critical thought as focusing on human emancipation from the chains imposed by capitalism and the colonialism on which it depended. Latin America needs to empower the poor through capitalism.

Hugo Assmann – Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Orbis Books, New YorkS. With the fall of Allende, Assman went to Costa Rica, where along with Franz Hinkelammert, developed his theological reflections on the relationship between theology and economics in the Department hugk Ecumenical Investigaciones DEIfounded by both. This makes markets necessary to send back clear economic signals about what people want and need.