Hugo Münsterberg was a psychologist and author of one of the first works of film theory, The Photoplay. Allan Langdale teaches in the Film Studies and Art. Those with more than a passing interest in film studies may have encountered aspects of Münsterberg’s theory of the cinema in film history texts (such as David . Hugo Münsterberg was a German-American psychologist. He was one of the pioneers in applied psychology.

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History of the Human Sciences 25 2: He is also credited with being among the first to consider jury research. The entire scheme of education gives to the theoty little chance to find himself. He defined psychotherapy as “the practice of treating the sick by influencing the mental life Robert Richardson Sears J. Meehl Charles E.

This second newer system started in Boston and is essentially a form of career guidance for children. However, because he could not obtain an academic position that he wanted, he wrote James and requested his old position back so that he could return to Harvard which he did in McVicker Hunt Laurance F. These three questions include “how we can find the men whose mental qualities make them best fitted for the work which they have to do; secondly, under what psychological conditions we can secure the greatest fjlm most satisfactory output of work from every man; and finally, how we can produce most completely the influences on human minds which are desired in the interest of business.


HeinzeJews and the American Soul: Boston and New York: A Psychological Study as one of the early examples of film theory. He states that with regularity the testimony between two different individuals in the same circumstances can be radically different, even when neither of whom had the slightest interest in changing the facts ffilm remembered.

In Beyond the Borderline of Life. Hull Edward C. Contributions made by the students of Hugo Munsterberg”. A neo-Renaissance villa in Detmold umnsterberg, Germany, that Oscar hugi in from has recently been renovated and opened as a cultural center. There were also threats against his life.

Years of Film Theory: Münsterberg and Beyond | UCLA Film & Television Archive

Shaffer Orval Hobart Mowrer E. Experimental psychology and psychic hocus-pocus did not mix. Because he was seeing them for scientific hugk, he chose not to charge them for his services and attempted to understand the causes of abnormal behavior.

He remained at Harvard as a professor of experimental psychology and director of the Psychological Laboratory until his sudden death, possibly due to stress, in while on a lecture platform. Though he firmly believed that women should receive where possible, a higher education, he felt that graduate studies were too difficult and demanding for them. Moreover, such mere inclinations and interests cannot determine the true psychological fitness for a vocation.

In the same year he married a distant cousin, Selma Oppler of Strassburgon August 7. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Essays on psychology and crime. Then in his father also died. In fact he was the first to apply psychological principles to the legal field, creating forensic psychology.

Hugo Münsterberg

Cambridge, MassachusettsU. As well as suggesting that women should not be yheory to serve on juries because they were ” The main objective in most of these articles was eyewitness testimony which examined the viability of said witness testimony.


American Problems from the Point of Huto of a Psychologist. At all times, innocent men have been accused by the tortured ones, crimes which were never committed have been confessed, infamous lies have been invented, to satisfy the demands of the torturers.

Presidents of the American Psychological Association. He entered the University of Leipzig in where he heard a lecture by Wilhelm Wundt and became interested in psychology.

Bray Carol D. He also employed reciprocal antagonism which is when you strengthen thoughts opposite of the behavior that is causing the problems. Psychology and Industrial Efficiency.

Finally investigating how a company can secure the best possible effects in terms of sales. Psychotherapythe book he authored in regard to his investigations of matters of the mind. In a portion of the book which he calls “The Detection of Crime” he discusses the many factors that can influence testimony, gain confessions, and force a confession from those who are innocent.

On the witness stand: In he was appointed exchange professor from Harvard to the University of Berlin. The Ball Publishing Co.