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Cattedra di Medicina Nucleare, Ist. Monte Carlo method for dose calculation due to oral X-rays; Coeficientes de conversao para calculo de doses devidos a radiografias odontologicas utilizando o metodo de Monte Carlo.

In this sense there are several fields that igeo-server.igeo.ufrj.r have benefits by the use of vision of having data that facilitate operations, indicate not.

Resultado de uma Metodologia visando o Projeto igeo-servef.igeo.ufrj.br Protocolos em Hardware”. On the other hand, the increase in the voltage applied to the X-ray tube causes an increase in the calculated conversion coefficients. Desarrollo de apio minimamente procesado fortificado con vitamina e, utilizando la ingenieria de matrices. The Visual Basic for Application VBA for Microsoft Excel demonstrated to be an effective tool to perform a number of tasks in the development of the program.

English, Letter size, 19 p. In the calculations by means of the Sievert integral doesn’t take into account the scattering produced dso the gold cap neither the variation of the constant of frequency of exposure with the distance. The simplified dosimetric method illustrated in this paper is very effective in clinical practice because it permits to avoid resorting to sophisticated but also imprecise quantitative methods.

It is presented a software application for calculating the thickness of the thermal insulation used in various facilities where there are thermal systems using solar energy.


Argentina: Buenos Aires

In addition to these techniques, features that best separately classified the image separately. English, Letter size, 18 p. Children identified as suffering from eye problems were treated, according to the criteria: Azo dyes are extensively used in textile dying processes and are characterized by extreme resistance to biodegradation and consequently persistence during conventional wastewater treatment processes. In this article we show a bonus-malus method of risk premiums. Con el programa desarrollado se facilita el estudio de dichos movimientos.

The implementation is performed using a programmable logic device. Full Text Available Objetivos: Se presentan los resultados obtenidos de la evaluacion en linea de trece motores de C.

Portuguese, A4 size, 48 p. English, Letter size, 3p. Due to of the large exposure times, these procedures often give high doses to the patient, usually higher than those from conventional radiology. That equation to be applied in a general case, is as follows: Reliability optimization in compound electric power systems with the aid of evolutionary algorithms; Optimizacion de la confiabilidad en sistemas electricos de potencia compuestos utilizando algoritmos evolucionarios.

G1 one flask control; G2 two flasks; G3 four flasks, and G4 six flasks. English, A4 size, 24 p. During elution, ammonia and thiosulfate concentration, pH regulator and temperature were evaluated.

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El banco de pruebas utilizado consta de dos cojinetes magneticos, los cuales soportan al rotor en sus extremos y a su vez funcionan como actuadores permitiendo inducir orbitas controladas en el rotor. Data mining utilizando redes neuronales. O VolBra e o VolCox foram aferidos por meio da ultrassonografia tridimensional utilizando -se o modo multiplanar a intervalos de 5 mm.


The physical-mechanical and anti-friction properties were almost doubled by the active drainage of the gases from the compression mould. These appropriate qualities for real time signal processing.

La funcion objetivo se define como una funcion estocastica, donde la medida de interes es el MVS de la matriz Jacobiana de flujos de potencia del evento mas severo de acuerdo a la evaluacion de confiabilidad del sistema compuesto, esta formulacion es una combinacion de programacion no lineal entera y continua, donde los algoritmos convencionales de programacion matematica presentan dificultades en robustez y en la busqueda del optimo global.

The variation of the source-skin distance does not change the conversion coefficients. Neste caso, deve-se calcular adequadamente as medidas de volatilidade para que realmente o risco seja percebido pelo operador. The part to implement the calculations has been developed as a Java applet which can run on igeo-server.iego.ufrj.br platform and let the users, in an interactive way, to get the results.

Ces dosimetres contiennent les memes feuilles d’elements igeo-server.igeo.ufrj.br les dosimetres a film et constituent un second moyen d’estimer la dose recue par les personnes. English, Letter size, 6 p. Portuguese, A4 size, 14 p.