The Infineon XCCIF is a Microcontroller Built Around the Synthezisable CS V2 Core with 2K Bytes phyCORE-XC System on Module (SOM). XC Volume 1 (of 2): System Units. Revision History: V, The XC devices are enhanced members of the Infineon family of full featured . Jun 29, Hi,. I’m looking for TDP for infineon XC processor. I found a TDP with the RTRT tool but it is for the Simulator. For my.

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This token is a keyword to be replaced by the the script file name to be use by the TDP before execution. Log in to reply.

C166 family

Single-board microcontroller Special function register. It was first released in and is a controller for measurement and control tasks.

Real-time and Embedded Development Log in to participate. As ofmicrocontrollers using the C architecture are still being manufactured by NIIET indineon VoroneshRussia, as part of the series of integrated circuits. For the Star Trek 10 film, see Star Trek: It looks you need an HEX converter after the link.


Retrieved 22 August This token is a keyword to be replaced by the executable name by the TDP before execution. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This microcomputer – or microprocessor -related article is a stub.

When this architecture was introduced the main focus was to replace controllers from Intel. This includes a radiation-hardened device under the designation VE6T Russian: Please find the attached TDP and Keil build log: This time I got error in Keil saying Flash download xc1667 since it could not find the HEX file to that has to be downloaded to the target. Please find the attached TDP and Keil build log:.

Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat Can someone please help me with the changes required, if any, to the TDP cwinuv2.

C family – Wikipedia

You need to copy also other part of build setting infineoon the other TDP. It uses the well-established RISC architecture, but features some microcontroller-specific extensions such as bit-addressable memory and an interrupt system optimized for low-latency.

Retrieved from ” https: The C family [1] is a bit microcontroller architecture from Infineon formerly the semiconductor division of Siemens in cooperation with STMicroelectronics. For my application, I need to download the instrumented code on the processor, run the tests and get the coverage report. The “Objects” folder and the “Listings” folder were empty which means the necessary files were not created.


Infineon XC167CI-16F

I was trying to do component testing. I’m having no clue what is the issue. Digital electronics Embedded systems Microcontrollers Microcomputer stubs.

Please find the attached updated TDP. Indineon function is not present in Infineon TDP. It has improved addressing modes and support for “atomic” instructions.

Actually you need to copy all parts inifneon Build seting from the other TDP except Assembler, compilation, preprocessing, library, and link functions please keep the same name when copying them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This TDP run the code on the target.