Iniquis Afflictisque (On the Persecution of the Church in Mexico) is an encyclical of Pope Pius XI promulgated on November 18, , to denounce the. The encyclical was written in and was titled Iniquis Afflictisque. Pope Pius XI’s second encyclical about the persecution of the Church in. Today, November 18, is the 88th anniversary of Pope Pius XI’s first encyclical on the persecution of the Catholic Church in Mexico (by the.

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For more information on the current uprising postsee Boko Haram insurgency. Catholic schools, press, trade unions, political parties and youth leagues were eradicated.

The majority of these same individuals were forced, under threat of losing their positions, to take part, together with the army and laboring men, in a parade sponsored by the Regional Confederation of the Workingmen of Mexico, a socialist organization.

The truth is that the clergy and the great majority of the faithful have inisuis so strengthened in their longsuffering resistance to these laws by such an abundant shower of divine grace that they have been enabled thereby to give a glorious example of heroism. On January 23,the Soviet government declared separation of Church and State and began with the systematic dissolution of Catholic institutions and the confiscation of Catholic properties.

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Some parts of modern Saudi Arabia such as Najran were predominantly Christian until the 7th to 10th century, when most Christians were expelled or converted to Islam or left the region via the Sea route to Asia, with which merchant tra The ongoing persecution of the Church had led to the Cristeros Rebellion Info notes about your extended family in heaven.

Member feedback about Violence against Christians in India: The Polish Anti-Religious Campaign was initiated by the communist government in Poland which, under the doctrine of Marxism, actively advocated for the disenfranchisement of religion affflictisque planned atheisation.

In the first place, the National Sodality of Fathers of Families, the program of which is to give a Catholic education to their own iniquls, to protect the rights of Christian parents with regard to education, and in cases where children attend the public schools to provide iniquiw them a sound and complete training in their religion.

Member feedback about Iniquis afflictisque: Such being the facts, what remained for the Bishops to do if not to decide that, until these afflictksque laws had been repealed, neither they nor the faithful would change in the slightest the inquis which they had adopted? In the first place, let us examine the law ofknown as the “Political Constitution” of the federated republic of Mexico.


In one of the states of the Confederation it has been decreed that only one bishop is permitted to live within the territory of said state, by reason of which law two other bishops were constrained to exile themselves from their dioceses.

In fact every man knows that after the introduction of Christianity into Mexico, afflictisuqe priests and religious especially, who are now being persecuted with such cruelty by an ungrateful government, worked without rest and despite all the obstacles placed in their way, on the one hand by the colonists who were moved by greed for gold and on the other by the natives who were still barbarians, to promote greatly in those vast regions both the splendor of the worship of God and the benefits of the Catholic religion, works and institutions of charity, schools and colleges for the education of the people and their instruction in letters, the sciences, both sacred and profane, in the arts and the crafts.

The members of these organiza tions, to the limit of their power, not only have made provisions to maintain and assist their clergy financially, they also watch over and take care of the churches, teach catechism to the children, and like sentinels stand guard to warn the clergy when their ministrations are needed so that no one may be aff,ictisque of the help of the priest.

It was the second aflictisque three encyclicals concerning persecution in Mexico, including Iniquis afflictisque and Firmissimam constantiamque Uniquis Catholic Church, as the religion of most Poles, was seen as a rival competing for the citizens’ allegiance by the government, which attempted to suppress it.

The persecution of Christians can be historically traced from the first century of the Christian era to the present day. Public divine worship is forbidden unless it take place within the confines of a church and is carried on under the watchful eye of the Government. Background The Army was the only organisation in Germany with the afrlictisque to overthrow the government; from within it, a small number of officers came to present the most serious threat posed to the Nazi regime.


Both men and women who defended the rights of the Church and the cause of religion, either in speeches or afflicfisque distributing leaflets inniquis pamphlets, were hurried before the courts and sent to prison.

Author:Pius XI

Without the slightest regard for justice, for solemn promises given, or for humanity itself, one of these Apostolic Delegates was driven out of the country; another, who because of illness had left the Republic for a short time, was forbidden to return, and the third was also treated in a most unfriendly manner and forced to leave.

Every citizen, moreover, has the right to denounce before the law any person whom he thinks is holding in his own name property for the Church.

His Catholic pastor recognized the Support for the alien pope led to allegations challenging loyalty to the state. Catholic activists protested against the junta’s oppression of impoverished citizens. Therefore, they ordered the complete suspension of every act of public worship which cannot take place without the presence of the clergy, iniuis all the churches of their diocese, beginning the last day of July, on which day the law in question went into effect.

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He was executed in Wicked men have tried to place the Church in a bad light before the people; some, for example, uttering the ibiquis brazen lies in public assemblies. No one, surely, Venerable Brothers, can hazard a prediction or foresee in imagination the hour when the good God will bring to an end such calamities. Mary’s Parish for an organizational meeting on October 2, He was dubbed “Joselito”. Nor can We praise enough the courageous faithful of Mexico who have understood only too well how important it is for afflictieque that a Catholic nation in matters so serious and holy as the worship of God, the liberty of the Church, and the eternal salvation of souls should not depend upon the arbitrary will and audacious acts of a few men, but should be governed under the mercy of God only by laws which are just, which are conformable to natural, divine, and ecclesiastical law.