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They use speech to say the most impossible, completely illogical things.

Elisabeth Haich – Yoga si sanatatea – [PDF Document]

Exhaled air is used up air! This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat Or perhaps, are all these shapes only radiations of invisible forces? Little by little my eyes grow accustomed to the subdued light. You belong to me and I belong to you.

He takes on tremendous proportions, spreading throughout the whole room, devouring all these passion-drunk people in his consuming fire. They are centres of force of streams of energy which take effect invisibly.

They leave more and more space around this spot which, because of the complete absence of light in it, is a pitch black hole through which I peer into nothingness … Then I notice two points of light that appear in this total, dead darkness.


I want fresh air. And the priestesses, too, who serve in the temple of love, fulfil their duties with a noble attitude of spiritual dedication because they know in doing so they are laying an offering upon the altar of divine love.

Views Read Edit View history. As I lie in the sarcophagus, Ptahhotep casts a last glance at me, full of infinite love, and then the two priests lift the stone cover and lay it over me.

The Initiation 1st part – by Elisabeth Haich

At this juncture a tall, broad-shouldered man steps up to me. Elisabeth Haich – original name: Your hands are curled up into fists pressed against your body as tightly as if they were joined to it. In pitch darkness I lie there enclosed in the stone coffin. As usual, I watch what happens.

Hut the only thing I notice is how extremely unpleasant I find the close proximity of this man.

The divine self created you and goes on eternally creating you whenever it clothes itself in a material envelope, in a body. He is only a mighty flame, iniyierea to force me into subjection.

Initierea – Elisabeth Haich – Google Books

Slowly they come closer and stare at me like two eyes. Then too, I find the odour of his body and his perspiration most unpleasant. Come, let us unite in love, you dearest of creatures, my one and only heavenly bride. My self is not matter!

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I am in a spacious room illuminated by soft reddish light. Can you see that all these stones are petrified but conscious beings like yourself, exposed to burning sunshine, raging storms and splitting frost? Get on your way and let me get on mine! He reacts by growing hotter, greater, more eager. The divine self is the paradisiacal state of unity through which you can only return through becoming one with your complementary half. The outside world has ceased to exist for them.

I thank them for their friendly invitation and go on. The niitierea of light are sucked up by this force, destroyed.

Before my horrified eyes, there gradually appears a face, the eerie features of a monster, initiedea silhouette that is only recognizable because where it is there is absolute nothingness—a negative image.

Why do they have to repeat it a hundred times? Is he mentally ill? I know that two eyes are staring at me.

He steps over towards us. A person belongs only to himself. One never finds the complementary half outside oneself.