Into Temptation. Penny Vincenzi, Author. Overlook all its jockeying for power, money and approval—into the second half of the 20th century. Into Temptation (). Book Three of The Spoils of Time trilogy. Celia Lytton has enriched the social and literary scene for nearly half a century. But during that. Power, politics and closely guarded secrets abound in INTO TEMPTATION, the third and Penny Vincenzi’s terrific new novel’ Jilly Cooper.

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I need a head-to-toe life makeover. The family business is still being run largely by family members, including Celia’s son Giles and one of her twin daughters Venetia along with her nephew Jay Lytton. Want to Read saving…. Love, laughter, suspense, drama, even a little criminal activity. This on has a bit of an unpredictably shock to it about mid-story which goes against the typical plot of the first two, but I have to say it was a welcome addition. Aware of Telemachus’s growing prowess on the seas, the Romans epnny imprisoned his enslaved brother Nereus, threatening to execute him unless Telemachus gives himself up.

Some secrets are more dangerous than others.

Into Temptation

Penny, please write a 4th! Their mission is to find the girl, steal what she knows There were a few things that left me wondering but there is sufficient information to allow me to draw my own conclusions about the fate of the second and third generation of Lytton’s. I enjoyed the way this book finishes out Cecilia’s life. These end up in the wrong hands and all of the Lytton family secrets are on the brink of discovery.

The story of the Lytton family of England moves into the middle part of the 20th century by the time you get to the last book of the trilogy. Sep 09, Rachel Piper rated it really liked it Shelves: Our Authors See all Authors. The whole storyline was mildly irritating to me and left me a little relieved there wasn’t a 4th book Some of the characters made decisions that didn’t seem in line with how they evolved earlier on.


The Pirate Chief Simon Scarrow. Information for Authors Booksellers Jobseekers Press. Before I knew it, I was at the end. I tejptation buy that Bary who had previously been a very strong charater would have allowed him to continue acting that way for so peny without taking very direct and decisive action. Giles Lytton became a sidelined charater who was referred to ocassionally but was a missed opportunity in my opinion.

I shall miss Lady Celia! Trivia About Into Temptation Its readers hate to say good-bye.

Maybe I’ll get really lucky and there will someday temptattion a I’m so sorry this is over for me! And Ruby says he must find the girl – before it’s too late. Refresh and try again.

Perhaps she was focusing on so much to begin with that adding that in temptaton have been a little too much. But what words of advice could the sisters need? Power, politics and closely guarded secrets. As the summer unfolds, Benni, Emma temptatiob Ruth begin to realise that age is just a number. For the next 12 months I’ll be saying ‘yes’ to your challenges, no matter how wild, adventurous or plain nuts they are.

Penny Vincenzi | Into Temptation

The first one was the best, and sucked me in; second one less so, and I’d never wanted a character to die so much James ; and now this one. Create An Account Why Join? But ‘friendship and home comforts’ are guaranteed at Rose Cottage and soon a bond blossoms between the women, who each have valuable life lessons to share.

While it was enjoyable, it was not up to the standard of the first two in the series. She is preparing to marry after the death of her first husband Oliver and her children are less than happy with her choice. Every so often, my love for a book or series becomes evangelical.


I would highly recommend this set of three books to get you through the summer. Hunted is the second book in the must-read Voices series, where a voice in your ito might be all that stands between survival and death. His sense of betrayal is immense, but worse is the discovery that the woman he loves is his sister. Beatrice, owner of exclusive wedding boutiques, is busy and fulfilled. This was a real shame, it wouldn’t stop me from reading Vincenzi again as Book One demonstrated the quality of writing of which she is capable, it’s just a shame the Lytton clan became so unweildy that it caused a huge management of them in Book 3 to lead to loss of drama.

I some Such a great read. A warm, uplifting novel from the author of The Magic of Christmas Tree Farm, about three women who discover that it’s never too late for a fresh start – or to change your life story. This is an overreaching theme of the series and most prevalently talked about in this novel specifically. Readers love Jodi Taylor: And when a child becomes ill, Tom is forced to make decisions about his principles, his reputation, his marriage, and most of all, his love for his child.

Jun 08, Sammy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Barty was as close as it got, and even she drove me nuts by the end. Elspeth and Keir I wasn’t quite so moved by.