In our application sometimes there is a need to show webview content as a Convert HTML Content into Image to Show WebView in ObjectiveC iOS App. HTML in UIWebView on iOS is rendered at 72dpi – it’s fine for displaying on screen but when you file for printing using. And in upcoming post I will share a tutorial with you where you can convert your website to Simple iOS Application using WebView. Thank You.

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Bool A Boolean value that determines whether Picture in Picture playback is allowed from this view. However I am running into an issue with this. UI Design and UX.

You can dig through the x. So fat the output in this webView looks the way I want. I have not yet been able to find the generated PDF, searching everywhere for it. UIScroll View The scroll view associated with the web view. Then double the width and height of the UIWebView. Password confirmation Password confirmation should match the password.

Bool A Boolean value indicating whether the receiver can move backward. See Also Content Views. However, when the contents of the webview are larger than the screen, the resulting images are not complete and have missing patches.

Made a new Project Pdf Test 2 that should help you with the yo location issue as well well as the mailing of the pdf. Sets the main page content and base URL.


Email required Address never made public. Have you seen this? I got the answer: A bit more searching I came across this great post by Brent Nycum which became my starting point. Chris, Thank you for your quick and thorough reply. If your still interested read on and check out the code which is available on GitHub so feel free to use it however you want.

Pagination Mode The layout of content in cknvert web view. Bool A Boolean value that determines whether HTML5 videos can play automatically or require the user to start playing them.

You can also use the scales Page To Fit property to programmatically set the scale of web content the first time it is displayed in a web view. The following is the situation: But I had to add the following code fullSizeFrame.

Making a PDF from a UIWebView | Chris Mills

In case only html string is supplied to your app than its must to first load your content in webView. Thereafter, the user can change the scale using gestures. Uiwebvlew Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Writing all this code in the reply window and has been untested, but that is generally how you would go about that part.


Rendering html pdf report for printing from UIWebView

When a Phone link is tapped, the Phone app launches and dials the number. Bool A Boolean value that determines whether pressing on a link displays a preview of the destination for the link.

Chris, I apologize for not being able to follow through with my own question, but I had been out of town and as soon as I got back to conveet app, I discovered a nasty bug that I am still trying to fix. A Boolean value that determines whether HTML5 videos can play automatically or require the user to start playing them. I use similar code to this in a few projects of mine and so this tip is really helpful.

This entry was posted in iOS ProgrammingUncategorized. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Feel free to email me at coderchrismills[at]gmail[dot]com.

Rendering html pdf report for printing from UIWebView (Example)

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: BTW, I just wonder – why is that a singleton and not just a function? Now that the view setup is done, time to actually generate the PDF. The page is essentially converted from text and images to just a flattened image.

Nerd figure out why