“The quilt” (“lihaaf” in urdu) is one of her famous short stories Lihaf: Translated from Urdu, a story by Ismat Chughtai. Whenever I get under my. URDU ADAB: Lihaf; a Famous Urdu Short Story by Ismat Chughtai. Sham Ki Barish (Rain of the Evening) an Urdu novelette based on love story. Lihaf A Beautiful Urdu Short Story By Ismat chughtai. لحاف. You might also like: حوا کی بیٹی تماشہ نہیں Hawa ki Beti Tamasha Nahi Hai A.

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Summer or winter, Begum Jan imsat wear this loose Hyderabadi see-through shirt: A purple-color throw was lying by her feet. Evening had taken over and the room was getting dark. It looked as if there was a big toad under that quilt jumping and would jump out on me any moment. But to live was her fate. Why are you scared?

I thought she was going to die. Whenever the two were mentioned, there will be laughter. But when I woke up in the middle of the next night, Begum Jan and Ribbo were very quietly having an argument in the bed. Naseer Ahmad NAsir 2 Dr. She pihaf light mustache over her upper lip and long curly hair by her temples.

Begum Jan had a fit. Saleem Wahid Saleem 1 Dr.

Published in the Urdu urdy journal Adab-i-Latifit led to much controversy, uproar and an obscenity trial, where Ismat had to defend herself in the Lahore Court as well for this work.


Ribbo was still there scratching Begum Jan when I went to bed. People like to keep pigeons and doves as pets or raise roosters for cockfights; but the Nawab Sahib hated those ridiculous activities. An unknown fear surrounded me.

Lihaf: A story by Ismat Chughtai

Stories like Chauthe ka Jora and Terhi Lakir show that she wrote on topics which were considered taboo. My hands were shaking. He had taken the financial responsibility for all those fair-skinned adolescent boys ursu slim waists who lived in his house.

The lady Ismat had characterized, met the author years later and said that because of this story hrdu was able to leave her husband.

Whenever she turned in bed at nights, the quilt would make a different shadow on the wall across.

She looked hot in the warm smell of her perfumes. You figure you wear clothes to impress others, not for a life like that.

Ismat chughtai’s lihaaf

He had been to Mecca for the pilgrimage andhad sent many others over there for a Hudj as well. Is it when those adolescent boys started to pay the Nawab Sahib regular visits: I threw the quilt over my face and fast fell asleep.

Unknown August 25, at And she resented them so much. Mohsin Maghiana 1 Dr. Just recite the Aytul Kursi to yourself. My heart sank from her body heat. But she did have a very well proportioned and balanced body. Ever see a leech stick to a stone? A sleeping cot for me was laid next to her bed. I lied awake under my quilt for hours. I felt so happy doing little things for her. As I said, I was quite young back then and had a tremendous crush on Begum Jan.


I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. Romance novels and emotional poetry depressed her even more. I could hear sounds as if someone sloppily chomping food, as if some delicious chutney was being tasted.

She always had a light shawl on her.

Ismat chughtai’s lihaaf – video dailymotion

But Begum Jan did not bother to socialize with anyone. Despite that quilt, padded with new fluffy cotton, she would lie in bed cold. She was considered the grand dame of Urdu fiction, as one of the four pillars of modern Urdu short story, the other three being Saadat Hasan MantoKrishan Chanderand Rajinder Singh Bedi. She changed her clothes and then put all that make-up on. The elephant made a move inside the quilt and the quilt flattened. I read that Afsaana in urdu but now in English its gave cnughtai pleasure Moinuddin Aqeel 1 Dr.

Her hands were big and slick and she had a slender, sexy waist.