ISO 7816-2 PDF

ISO/IEC specifies the dimensions and locations for each of the contacts on an integrated circuit card of an ID-1 card type. It also provides. ISO describes the physical characteristics of smart chip cards. It includes accommodation of exposure limits for electromagnetic phenomena such as. ISO is one of most important standards in the smart card industry. Parts of ISO specify physical characteristics, dimensions and location of the.

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ISO is the internationally accepted standard for smart cards.

Variation in thickness or even slight warping of the card can cause communications failure. It further defined the concept of sleep mode not covered by ISO where the IC chip can reside in a latent mode preserving volatile memory contents with a maximum power consumption of uA. This standard has the same scope as part 4 except that ido defines the read – write track 3.

Further problems arose in deciding on which face of the card the connector should be located.

Part 3 Location of embossed characters on ID -1 cards. Registration of application providers”.

ISO Introduction

It ay use biometric methods and standards to achieve personal identification. Retrieved from ” https: The ISO standard is designed to address electrical signals and reset signals for synchronous cards. The half duplex refers only to data transmissions in one direction at a time which a PC is perfectly capable of managing with its UART. Interindustry data elements for interchange”. Part 5 Location of read – write magnetic track – track 3.


Uso with contacts — Dimensions and location of the contacts”. The former frequency is the more widely used being based on the NTSC colour sub carrier frequency and isl in a clock divider of in order to produce a bit per second not exact but within tolerance serial communication speed.

Created inupdated inamended inupdated in In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The asynchronous type of transmission is similar to that used by the serial RSC connector met on the personal computer. This part specifies characteristics for a magnetic stripe, the encoding technique and coded character sets which are intended for machine reading.

Even the embossing process itself is ido stressful and must raise serious doubts over the appropriate migration strategy.

Created inupdated in The following provides the primary interests of this standard:. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The embossing is defined to be on the front of the card and therefore on the same side as the IC connector. Cards with contacts — Electrical interface and transmission protocols”.

It also defines the purpose, location and electrical characteristics of the metallic contacts of the card. It specifies the physical characteristics, layout, recording techniques, numbering system and registration procedures. Although the PC operates in full duplex mode. Electronic signals and answer to reset for synchronous cards”. The transmission characteristics operated by most microprocessor IC cards are based on an asynchronous half duplex mode of operation.


Created inamended in,updated in Part 4 Location of magnetic read only tracks – tracks 1 and 2. This position is much closer to the longitudinal axis of the card.

This application contains 781-2 on cryptographic functionality. Created inupdated inupdated in In practice this cannot be instantaneous and the expression “line turnaround time” is commonly encountered in the modem world.

According to its abstract, it specifies the Data Elements DEs used for interindustry interchange based on integrated circuit cards ICCs both with contacts and without contacts.

ISO/IEC 7816

According to its abstract, it specifies a card application. As a result it was eventually agreed that after a transitional period to the end of the position for the IC connector would be iiso shown in figure 9.

Some of those industry standards are as follows:. ISO Identification cards – Financial transaction cards