Caveat: iText may swallow PDF bookmarks. But Jens Stavnstrup tells us in issue FOP that this doesn’t happen if you use iText’s PDFStamper. Here is. I have a requirement to present a PDF on demand in a web application injecting user specific data. I’m looking at both Apache FOP and iText. Dear Author: We have been using Apache FOP to generate FDP files. How does iText compare to FOP? Thanks.

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Difference between Servlet and JSP? I have been using jasperreports for sometime for producing documents such as insurance quotes, cover letters, etc. These icons indicate where to find restaurants, hotels, movie theatres, Why not take a look at pdfbox?

On the contrary ;- When I say iText allows you to define the layout in a more accurate way, is that you don’t have to depend on design decisions of the library for instance when it comes to pagination. IText has its own free 1 day conference http: But, if you are starting a new project, there are couple of open source Java PDF libraries e. Itedt you have got a solution, please let me know.

Sieve of Eratosthenes Algorithm to generate Prime Itxet iText, a page is written to the OutputStream as soon as it’s completed. It is also one of the oldest and has huge user added codes and hence has matured over the years.


It is free and fairly simple to use. Note that we also compared the ease of use.

However, it would be ideal if we could separate the styling of the PDF from the code that generates the document. Incidently, Holman’s book, “Definitive XSL-FO” is a great help, but if you get it, go to Kinkos and get it rebound in a lay-flat spiral binding because you will constantly be turning back and forth between the jtext. Best thing about iText in Action is that its written by the creator of iText himself, so its extensive as well as authoritative.

Had to go through a learning curve to achieve this but the end result was good. Previous post What is it like moving back to India? All this stuff is ‘missing’ in FOP.

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iText: Best Open Source PDF Library for Java Developers

PDF format is a popular format for sending receipt, email confirmation and other documentation itexf we often has requirement to create PDF documents using Javamostly in JSP pages.

I don’t understand why people always want to compare iText with FOP. With more accuracy I also mean you can control the PDF at the lowest level.


This entry was posted in Dynamic File Generation. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Well, I work for iText as QA Engineer, and we compared performance and feature sets with several competitors, and we should probably put our findings online, including the full source code of the tests, because it’s actually pretty favourable for us I have the xlsx with the results open right now.

If you guys can talk more. In short, second Edition of this book mainly covers iText 5 along with. It doesn’t have a visual tool. I have to prepare PDF document with images generated by servletsso it seems that iText is a good solution.?

Comparing Apache FOP with iText

March 5, at 1: There are a lot of pdf libraries out there like pdfsharp. You can visit here for more details: Apache FOP and iText. By using our site, you acknowledge ofp you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.