They Came Before Columbus The African Presence in Ancient America Written by Ivan Van Sertima They Came Before Columbus Category: History – Americas. Blood River by Tim Butcher How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima King Leopold’s Ghost by. absurdity in a genre which has never attracted much rigorous scholarship in the best of times. Africanists who read They Came. Before Columbus will come.

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They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America

Obviously this is a controversial book, but it’s a good book. Barrett Dylan Brown, Tgey rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Centuries before Columbus or even Eric the Red, commerce and exploration between Africa and the Americas blossomed, and an entire African kingdom seems to have immigrated to South America.

Though filled with Sources and Citations, Ivan falls short in a few areas.

Forgive me for taking forever to read this book! Retrieved from ” https: I feel like I would have rated this book ivzn if I had read it earlier in life when I was inundated with material that perpetuated social darwinistic myths about the inadequacies of non-european cultures. Want to Read saving….

Ivan Van Sertima – Wikipedia

The book straddles the Atlantic Ocean and between the Americas and Africa the evidence is much more solid in Africa but when it comes to the Americas his story devolves into a narrative laced with some historical anecdotes and the occasional tidbit of weak evidence.


Jun 30, Raven Moore rated it it was amazing. Transaction Publishers,pp. Van Sertima completed his master’s degree at Rutgers in I learned a lot about how the sdrtima skills of the American Indians and North African transpired. I actually just picked this book up at the Afrikan bookstore out here.

The theories he presents are completely plausible and in some cases backed by actual evidence but the majority of the book is based on the idea “why not”. Nov 18, Yves Johnson rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: During the decade of the s he broadcast weekly from Britain to Africa and the Caribbean. However, if it became common knowledge that Africans were in America well before Europeans arrived, then the basis for this scientific racism would be undermined – they could not maintain their inferiority if the Africans were capable of achieving things long before them.

Xame Weiant, who was on the site in Mexico in when the first African stone head was discovered, defended Van Sertima against attempts by the British archaeological establishment to discredit They Came Before Columbus. Im grateful to my history teacher who columhus me how to find these first person resources bc i have learned alot about why blacks were enslaved and who idea it was to enslave my ancestors. Why didn’t they trade with Africans, and “give them the civilization” Van Sertima claims?

They Came Before Columbus – PAPERBACK

He was a literary critic, a linguist, and an anthropologist who made a name in all three fields. So csme would not be surprising in the least if they were here before Europeans. By there had be Couldn’t put this down. Click Add to Cart to order this product. It provides further evidence that all great civilizations and races are heavily indebted to one another and that no race has a monopoly on enterprise and inventive genius.


The African Presence in Ancient America, which was published by Random House in and is presently in its bevore printing.

They Came Before Columbus – Paperback

As for the concerns that Van Sertima belittles the accomplishments of Indigenous Americans- he makes quite clear that is not his intent, at least in tjey Afrocentric context. No trivia or quizzes yet. Here, Sertima uses arguments that are very strange, such as that the famous Olmec Stone heads are “obviously” African, and thus they must be depictions of Africans.

I’ve read far more plausible evidence against his case. Their article is available online here: Lists with This Book. To see camd your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

They Came Before Columbus: By there had been a couple thousand years of contact backward and forward across the Atlantic.