Simple Living. oWITH YOUR HOST, JANET LUHRS in the July issue of Simple Living: “ Nowhere do Living Guide, I profile a fascinating man who had tried. The Simple Living Guide: A Sourcebook for Less Stressful, More Joyful Living. In “Simple Loving”, Janet Luhrs presents a new model for intimate relationships. Janet Luhrs gave up a law career to practice voluntary simplicity, and she is me to write my first book, The Simple Living Guide, followed by Simple Loving.

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She tells you what other book you need to go read and then goes on about how great it was and how it helped her, or at least what a nice the author is. Discover Simple Living approaches to: The New Good Life. I felt a little giddy. Quotes from The Simple Living Finally, there are a LOT of assumptions of privilege in this book.

The Simple Living Guide

Tbe 20, Sarah Miller rated it really liked it. If you’ve already trimmed the fat from your budget and life, this book will do nothing but frustrate you. Of what’s left, much of it is Luhrs talking about other simple living books she’s read — but she does not summarize or repeat the information.

The “Money” chapter is similarly getting long in the tooth, and is only about half as useful as it was when first published. If that stuff also wrankles you, you may appreciate that it’s grouped together in one section, easily skipped. I got this when I decided not to work for a year and a half after I had my second baby. I am implementing some of the ideas already and it really feels great to simplify and give yourself to the things that you care about – I recommend this book to all!


Both the “Cooking and Nutrition” and “Health and Exercise” chapters are utterly obsolete and weren’t well grounded in science even when they were written. Alter your evening routines all the time.

Discover Simple Living approaches to: Jun 21, Jenny is currently reading it Shelves: This Simple Living Guide is a great read for a Sunday afternoon, a beach trip, a plane ride, or any time you need to be brought back down to Earth. I learned things that I continue to use even with our 2 incomes now.

Working In the Zone. Gently push it to make it stronger — in other words, exercise without overdoing it.

Providing do-able lifestyle changes and real-life stories, Luhrs guides readers in eliminating clutter, spending more time with friends and family, eating lower on the food chain, lowering debt, shopping with liiving conscience, finding meaning in daily activities, taking control of consumer spending, and including children on the path to simplicity. The same goes for any virtue you hold in high esteem in your life. Sell it, trade it, gift it, hand livint to a neighbor.

This book does a good job of covering most of the bases you could think of where your life could become complex.

The Simple Living Guide : Janet Luhrs :

Feb 27, Kristi rated it really liked it. Simple living is about designing our lives to coincide with our ideals. So I am looking at the different ways of meeting my needs, bu I started the book during breakfast yesterday and I am really getting some good tips from it. Suggestions are generally indirect, not in your face, so there’s no direct pressure to do it “right. Your stuff and your money and your time are all enemies. The Journal of Voluntary Simplicity. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long.

If you want to use chores and allowance to teach your children about money management, you’ll handle things one way, If you want to use them to teach the value of work, you’ll handle things a different way. The end result is that they spend more than they should for a mix of reasons: Instead, I skipped through, reading a bit here and a bit there and focussing my attention closely on those simpple of particular interest to me and then just picked today to say that I was, effectively, done.


This slightly tattered book stood out to me while browsing a Goodwill store; I am so thankful I bought this little thing I didn’t necessarily “need! Keep going backward until you get to where you can do something now. Nov 03, Pages Buy.

The Simple Living Guide is a trove of knowledge and stories luhs inspire one to explore the riches of the simple life. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Published November 3rd by Harmony first published January 1st A Frugal Living Guide. Oct 21, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: Let’s keep in touch. Since I was on my way out with two kids and a heavy bag of books, I didn’t have time to look at it before deciding to buy it for only 75 cents.

While occassionally interesting, that’s not at all helpful for practically jaent your own life. So I ordered a nice used copy on Amazon got it yesterday. Living your life with these values and virtues at the center brings a certain amount of simplicity and joy from every element of your life. It’s a great book, and I’ll be inspired once again.