There’s lots of people on the internets with jaycar speedo corrector but approx v coming out at the speed sensor side of the corrector. Just got my car back after having some electrical issues fixed but while they were at it had a jaycar kit installed as the car has a diff in it. Hi I have got a hold of this speedometer corrector kit. search?text=AA&CSRFToken=9ed7bed

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Just make sure that you have an assistant to do the adjusting as you drive!

Nup, never seen the LED flash. Out comes the cluster. My memory and knowledge of xX9xx isn’t the best to be honest, but I also recall something about them having a setup where the dash got the speed signal from the ABS unit, or something a little different? Have you checked the microcontroller itself has power?

When I double-checked, the PCB does have sperdo correct things printed on it; but not the build instructions. Done an engine gearbox transplant? In short, correcting the speedo output – either making it faster or slower – is straightforward.


Jaycar speedo corrector not working

Could it make a comeback? At this stage I’m very likely just to hand it over to an instrumentation specialist Once the Corrector is working properly, it can be mounted in its UB3 box and then tucked up behind the dash out of sight.

From what I can find the speedo signal wire is the grey wire. Speedo corrector install for Electronic speedos Discuss technical aspects of your 4WD with other owners, and share your opinions. Results 1 to 7 of 7.

Speedo Corrector

This needs to be done with the unit connected and powered-up. This is because most speedos read fast often by about 5 speed cent. Please consider supporting AutoSpeed with a small contribution. The steps to follow which comprise certain switch settings followed by driving are listed in the instructions. The team Contact us. Anyone managed to get a 12v input working?

Anyone else here using the same kit and have any dramas? Pots wpeedo just variable resistors.

AutoSpeed – Speedo Corrector

Can you post the schematic? The usual fix seems to be to use a GPS to gauge correct speed but that won’t correct your odometer. Make sure neither is set as that could stop it working. Special Features – 12 Corrextor, Kit supplied with PCB with overlay and all electronic components.

  327W15 06 PDF

What car do you have?

Did the car come with a 3 wire speed sensor for the dash from factory? If no flash measure the voltage across the LED when you change settings to make sure the micro controller is turning it on. Now going much faster with TypeR power. Originally Posted by Box.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. If the dash needs an Open Collector trigger then the Jaycar unit can do that looking correctkr the instructions By two wire sensor I am referring to a reluctor style that outputs an alternating wave form Contact Us – Patrol 4×4 – Archive – Top.

Have you tried driving a little with it? Technical Features – 22 March,