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Loudspeaker Cabinet. Loudspeaker Cabinet. Brand. JBL. Category. Pro Audio \ Speakers: Unpowered. 0 Available. Temporarily Out Of Stock. $: for sale 16 pcs jbl a In good condution still original component. Speakers (foreign companies). Shop: Osu shop. Arrival: JBL 画像. Used. Consigned. Hold. Reserved. Sold Out. HiFiDo Home.

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If your recone kit shims do mbl fit you can cut them into strips and insert several of the strips evenly around the magnet. If we did make a mistake just contact us and we will be glad to take care jhl it right away. Again, my sincere thanks. I will order any future speaker kits and supplies from Simply Speakers! But my A’s have a passive network inside, and are intended to be used togehter with an Hz active network. I refoamed my 8″ woofers from and the sound is fantastic.

New speakers in the house, JBL A [Archive] – Lansing Heritage Forums

Once loosened it will come out. I installed the new radiators today and they jbll just fine? If the horn is still defective feel free to contact us to make arrangements to return the item for inspection and to receive a replacement diaphragm. It was also very helpful to see how slowly the adhesive sets up, and to keep turning the speaker and pressing the foam into place until the adhesive holds.


How can I add 4770 item to an order I’ve already paid for? Shipping was super fast and service was first rate. Just wanted to thank the entire staff for a great job on my Snell EII 8″ woofer.

This makes the ‘s sound less “raw”, and takes some stress from the I’m sure you love them: If you ordered an item, and it does not fit, please message us. Also check crossover network inside the box reachable after removing the jhl for damaged burnt components.

Quality Speaker Repair Parts Since ! They are solid, and you guys are an example of how something should be done.

Hi jbp, thank you for support, I manage to put one horn with off passing through the two H holes. The handling is really terrible because there are only two handles. I have just finished replacing the ubl surround on one of my two 11″ woofers. The horn will be kind of “stuck” because of the gasket, remove the top so you can apply pressure from the back and CAREFULLY work a putty knife under the horn at the front.

JbL speaker model 4770A. 16 pcs

Our order management system is highly automated making it difficult for us to change an order after it has been placed. We will not mark down invoices or claim items as “gifts” or otherwise assist in deceptive international shipping practices. What can I do if 47770 shims do not fit inside the magnet of the speaker 470 am reconing? Hello, This is my first post on this forum. Special order items are NOT returnable.


JBL 4755 4770 Sr4732 61435 Factory Part 16 Ohm Horn Driver Diaphragm D16r2445

Hello i also plan to import some crown k2 maybe i can found someone used to get them cheaper. This listing is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Our team is eager to find you the jbp size needed and arrange for an exchange.

Many of these babies have been stressed 47700. Superior quality, Largest selection, and the Best prices. Thanks for the detailed instructions in getting it done; confident now, that when the Atoms fail in the same fashion, I will be able to put them back right again.

Just bought a pair of JBL I went to repaint the boxes and the foam just fell off.