jconsole – Unix, Linux Command Manual Pages (Manpages), Learning fundamentals of UNIX and Linux in simple and easy steps: A beginner’s tutorial. JConsole is a graphical monitoring tool to monitor Java Virtual Machine and Java applications both on a local or remote Or go to you JDK installation bin folder and click on jmap · jps · Core Java Tutorials. JConsole (Java Monitoring and Management Console) is a graphical tool that allows the user to monitor and manage the behavior of Java applications.

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The Overview tab provides an easy way to correlate information that was previously only available by switching between multiple tabs.

The process id pid and command line arguments for each Java VM are displayed. Sandeep Chatterjee 2, 7 20 Clicking a thread ID shows the thread state and its current stack trace. You can also use JConsole to set the values of writable attributes.

To diagnose problems, see Attach API problem determination. This is achieved by setting the system property com. You can use JConsole to connect to a JVM running on a remote workstation to reduce the effect on application performance. How digital farming is revolutionizing the future of food. You can set the memory usage threshold through an attribute of the MemoryMXBean. It may have multiple rows, each of which represents one garbage collector algorithm used in the Java VM.


The memory pools available depend on the JVM being used. A memory manager manages one or more memory pools.

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For a complete reference on jconsole command syntax, see jconsole – Java Monitoring and Management Console. If the garbage collector has become a bottleneck, you can improve performance by customizing the generation sizes. When a generation uses up its allotted memory, the VM performs a partial GC also called a minor collection on that memory pool to reclaim memory used by dead objects.

The bar will turn red when the memory used exceeds the memory usage threshold. I have written a program to print number from 1 to using 2 threads.

Monitor and manage Java applications with JConsole

The young generation consists of an “Eden space” and two “survivor spaces. Email Required, but never shown. The method area is logically tuutorial of the heap but, depending on the implementation, a Java VM may not garbage collect or compact it. But what if you’re not using an application server or if you’re using an application server that does not include a monitoring tool? For example, if you click on the value of the CollectionTime property of java.

The permanent generation holds all the reflective data of the virtual machine itself, such as class and method objects. The Java virtual machine may release memory to the system and the amount jconole committed memory could be less than the amount of memory initially allocated at start up.


Click on the name of a thread in the Threads list to display information about that thread to the right, including the thread name, state, and stack tjtorial.

You’ll see a main window similar to Figure A. Jconslle is a JMX-compliant monitoring tool. JConsole can attach to processes owned by the same user on the same system without these options. The order of key properties specified when the object names are created is preserved by JConsole when it adds MBeans to the MBean tree. Using these options allows JConsole, or any other JMX agent, to connect to your Java application if it has access to the specified port.

Using JConsole, you can investigate the sensitivity of your performance metric by experimenting with the garbage collector parameters. If you connect to this instance of JConsole, you will see that the JTop tab has been added, showing CPU usage of the various threads running. The Threading MXBean provides several other useful operations that jconsple not covered by the Threads tab.

In addition to the method area, a Java VM may require memory for internal processing or optimization which also belongs to tuyorial memory. The chart shows the number of live threads over time.