A Remarkable New Book by Jeanne de Salzmann. Based on notebooks kept by G. I. Gurdjieff ‘s closest follower, this book offers new insight on his spiritual. Salzmann, Madame de (Jeanne), i ?-i 99o. The reality of being: to live the Fourth Way of Gurdjieff /. Jeanne de Salzmann.— 1st ed. p. cm. Includes index. Based on notebooks kept by G.I. Gurdjieff’s closest follower, this book offers new insight on his spiritual teachings—a way of gnosis or “knowledge.

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Her use of words is measured, they are masterfully chosen, and they are rhythmically arranged. Jun 23, Andrea Avalon marked it as to-read. The labours of Anne-Marie and Stephen, to use their first names without leave, were no doubt augmented tne those of other unnamed contributors.

See Reality of Being: Inwhile living in Tiflis, the composer Thomas de Hartmann introduced the young couple to G. After pondering the matter, what I have decided to do is offer the reader two sentences, no more, on each of the beijg sections of the text.

The Gurdjieff Legacy Foundation Archives

All jokes aside it was an ok book, repetitive but ok. The index, once again, gives an idea of what is being emphasized, with entries such as these, each of which has a dozen or more page numbers: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Mainly because it is composed of the author’s personal diary entries, and in no particular plan or aim. She met Gurdjieff in in Tiflis, became committed to his work, and remained close to him until his death in Paris thirty years later. The book is largely impractical again to my disappointmentand in some parts drones on about one’ I’m giving this book three stars.


An entirely decent companion to Gurdjieff’s writings. If they were any longer, they would be somewhat tedious to read; if they were any shorter, the expositions would be reducible to maxims, like the pages of sentence-long quotations that introduce each of the twelve sections.

The book is so arranged as to lead the reader from the simple to the complex, yet at the same time the text resembles a hologram, for which every portion is a portal to the whole. I did note, in passing, that there are discrepancies between the birth years of its subject and its author.

Jeanne de Because of a friend, and because of the work of Jacob Needleman, I’ve become interested in the GurdIjieff work, which was one of the “new religions” of the 20th century. William Patrick Patterson, Struggle of the Magicians: Again stay away from this book. De Salzmann consistently refused to discuss the teaching in terms of ideas, for this Fourth Way is to be experienced, not simply thought or believed.

Bennett Books, They will give the flavour of the whole and a sense of its direction. On the mundane level I realigy not find a single misprint, and that rarely happens these days, even with scholarly texts issued by university presses. Jacob Needleman and George Baker, Gurdjieff: The structure of this book as a collection of meditations or a passel of ponderings is such that it may not meet the needs of the novice in the Work, but by its nature it will address the deep-seated needs of people experienced in the ways and words jenane the Work, people who are in need reminding.

It took me forever to finish this book written by Gurdjieff’s most fervent student and follower Jeanne de Salzmann. Inspired by Your Browsing History. He presented his teaching as a Fourth Way that integrated these three aspects into a single path of self-knowledge. Dec 06, Pages Buy. Do not waste time reading it.


There is an abstract quality to the exposition, certainly thee quality jesnne selflessness, so it is a relief that the texts themselves are surprisingly short — one page, two pages, three pages — seldom more. Want to Read saving…. I read this rather slowly.

Added to them, perhaps tongue-in-cheek, I found that of Ashiata Shiemash. The Monkey Is the Messenger.

The Reality of Being

The book is a durable and handsome product, worthy of the muse or saint of printing and publishing, if there is one. We owe her for everything that has reached us. The Face of Water. Absolve ego, ascend self,stop thinking, beig lol.

Here any reviewer has to make a decision. Let me pause over the latter item, the twelve-page, double-column index, as indices are often overlooked, despite the fact that the attentive reader may tell a lot about a book from a cursory examination of its realkty.

There are a couple of unique practices but very few given, mainly in gathering attention such as in focusing on body parts and intoning ‘I am’ etc. The typographical design of its pages appears at once casual and classical. Yet there is no way to ensure that this is so because the French originals of the notebook are not in print.