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JSS (Revision No. 1) MINISTRY OF DEFENCE JOINT SERVICES SPECIFICATION ON ENVIRONMENTAL TEST METHODS. JSS , knowns as the Penta-Five test, is an antifungal product test for electronics. JSS Revision No. 1. LIST OF MEMBERS ASSOCIATED WITH FORMULATION OF THIS STANDARD. 1. This Joint Services Specification has.

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It shall be obtained from the Design Authority. The optimum temperature is likely to be between – 1 c to 10 c depending upon the thermal mass of the item. Group V Group VI2. Initial Measurements The equipment shall be visually examined and subjected to electrical, mechanical and other checks as specified. Disassembling in case of non-hermetically sealed items see 3.

Random vibration as specified in para 4. Jas bench top shall be atleast 40 mm thick. Manufacturers techniques sometimes inadvertently alter the design; assembly procedures leave room for mistakes; all these would result in creeping of substandard workmanship and human error.

ESD occurring in the flight due to penetration of ESD into missile through apertures caused by hatch doors, viewing windows and electrical jsd. Radially available sulphure dioxide solution of required concentration may also be used. In the absence of suitable test track as per 4. Separate equipment can be used for this test. Captive flight functional test levels and duration see 3.

The Procedure given in clause 3.

JSS 55555 – Antifungal Test – Electronics

Equipment intended for use with isolators should normally be tested with its isolators. Whether final resonance search is required see clause 3. The heat input and surface temperature ar eto be calculated as a function of time of the prescribed variation of h and T taking into account the thermal properties of the missile frame.

The value of q shall be the maximum value attainable during free flight s. Whenever the requirement cannot be ascertained objectively, the most severe level that is specified on the document shall be chosen. The equipment must be functional during the first third and the last third duration of the test.

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The device shall be circulated for 5 minutes and the dust shall be allowed to settle down. The procedure specified in clause The air pressure inside the chamber shall then be reduced for a period of 30 minutes to a value corresponding to one of the test conditions given in Table 4.

Lower frequency limit of the spectrum, if lower than Hz see 3. The relative humidity shall be maintained at a value not exceeding 50 percent. The alkaline chamber shall be constructed from materials that will not jes affected adversely by the corrosive influence of the potassium hydroxide solution used in the test.

JSS_ – Documents

Unless otherwise specified, equipment shall be functioning during the conditioning in order to determine functional as well as mechanical effects. An agent based on N methyl tauride Igepon or on dioctyl sodium sulphoccinate is suitable.

The equipment intended to be used with shock and vibration isolators shall be normally mounted on these for the test. The liquid, which has come in contact with the equipment under test, shall then be allowed to return to the reservoir containing the solution. It shall be kept in switched off or switched on conditions as specified. Step 6 – Operate the test item in accordance with the approved test plan.

AT In reality, materials and processes often do not work on the designers expectation. If necessary a suitable respirator should be worn. Conditioning The equipment under test shall be subjected to this test in its unpacked and switched off condition. 10 equipment shall be visually examined and shall be subjected to electricalmechanical and other checks as specified. Characteristics of the Shock Machine When the equipment together with its supporting brackets and any other load for test purposes are mounted on the shock machine, the applied shock shall, at the monitoring point, have following characteristics.

The required condition for the height of drop. Equipment intended for use with isolators shall normally be tested with its isolators exceptional dse if impossible to the testing the correct isolator, mounting system, than the relevant equipment specification may permit a shock test of the stated severity on the single specimen suing isolators kss for this case.


The duration of the test and the amplitude shall be as specified and shall be selected from severities given in 4. Two lateral blows from a weight of kg.

The intensity of the mechanical shock delivered to the target plate by the impact machine shall be approved means. If required, the equipment shall then be electrically and mechanically checked. External connections necessary for measuring 02566 shall add a minimum of restraint and mass. Under no circumstances shall the dust be removed by an air blast or vacuum cleaning. In the relevant equipment specification requires initial and final resonance searchthe complete test sequence including resonance search shall be performed in one axis and repeated for other axes.

Restrictions – This test is not intended for shocks encountered in a normal logistic shipping environment as experienced by shipping environment as experienced by shipping containers. The strip shall be removed from this solution and allowed to drain freeof drips immediately before use. No requirement for relative humidity is given because its correction by calculation is generally not possible. Many times DT is used to generate design data on the system. The equipment shall be mounted in the chamber as specified in jse.

The alkaline spray chamber or humidity chamber shall be used for storage of the equipment under test for exposure to the conditions specified in clause 3.

Saturation of the chamber atmosphere with water vapour shall occur during this period.


The parking brake shall hold the vehicle with maximum gross load whether headed up or down a 15 degree incline for wheeled and 30 degree for tracked vehicles. If the chamber becomes contaminated it is desirable to clean it.

The time taken shall not exceed 6 minutes, unless otherwise specified.